About the club

Mission Statement

The UTS Anime Club is dedicated to providing access to a wide selection of the latest Japanese animation for its members.

As well as showing anime we will be involved in other anime and manga based activities. This could be anything from a karaoke outing to cosplay parties and competitions. We will be trying our best to be involved as much as possible in the Australian anime scene, including the running of joint activities with other University anime clubs.


Disillusioned with the travelling distance to the screenings held at the UNSW campus, Ian Chen decided to go about creating a club at his own university to allow other students at UTS a chance to see anime series and movies they had not been able to previously. Using the resources available to him as an exec of the CompSoc at UTS he was able to hold weekly anime screenings which attracted a small number of devotees through word of mouth alone. Not long after this he petitioned the union to make an official Anime club at UTS, and thus the club was born - winning the best new club of 2001 award at the university.

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