Anime at Abbotsford

Anime at Abbotsford is one of Sydney’s premiere Anime merchandise stores. Our friends at Abbotsford boast a wide range of premium and limited anime related merchandise Anime@UTS members receive a 10% discount on all in store purchases!

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Good Games logo

Good Games

Good Games is an international group of dedicated gaming environments with all the latest game products. Over at Good Games you can participate in many tournaments and events. By being a member you can receive a 5% discount on all in store purchases.


Crunchyroll is a global anime distribution company. Crunchyroll hosts a wide range of anime experiences through films, events, television and collectibles. Crunchyroll provides our club with tickets and discounts to many anime movie screenings.

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Japan Toys Logo

Japan Toys

Japan Toys is a Melbourne based online store for Anime figurines, model kits, and other Anime related goods. Our friends over at Japan Toys have a vast range of anime merchandise to choose from. We receive a 10% discount on all online purchases.

Iced Tea Aesthetics

Iced Tea Aesthetics is a clothing brand that makes Manga/Anime related clothing as well as other Japanese inspired clothing. Iced Tea Aesthetics primarily produce streetwear style clothing such as hoodies, shirts, sweaters and accessories. They provide us with a 10-20% discount based on your order size.

Iced Tea Aesthetics
Anime Kaika

Anime Kaika

Anime Kaika is an Australian Anime Merchandise Retailer based in Sydney. Our friends over at Kaika provide a large selection of anime goods on both old classics and newer titles. Members of our club can receive a 5% discount on both in-store and online purchases.