Our Mascots!


Miki is a ██ year old university studying ███████████ ███████████ at the University of Technology Sydney, although she would state that she is perpetually 17. After the “Zero Hour” incident that occured in the year 2016 (that subsequently resulted in the destruction of the original building 2) she is recruited to become a captain of anime@UTS, a task force dedicated to opposing PANDA.

Miki’s zeal of voyaging into space stems not from duty, albeit it is a partial reason, but rather from her desire to find her missing friend that disappeared during a Mars expedition that happened whilst she was in high school. One of her greatest assets to the resistance is her indomitable spirit of courage and optimism in the face of danger as well as her adept ability in wielding the phenomenon known as the STAR. Her, along with her trusty partner Panda-San set off in the ship ‘HMAS Liberty Mk3’ with the unruly anime@UTS crew towards the farthest known corners space in hopes of perhaps putting an end to the pestilent blight upon the universe that is PANDA.

Miki standing up

Miki's Stats

Power: B-
Special abilities:
Flower Arrangement, Cosplay, Camping, Railguns, Inventing


Panda-san is an extraterrestrial being sent to earth hundreds of years ago to conduct surveillance by the invasive hivemind entity known as PANDA. As one of their loyal soldiers, Panda-san has used their shapeshifting abilities to blend in amongst an array of human cultures and civilisations for generations. Panda-san met Miki in University and soon became her unwilling comrade. Unbeknownst to them however, hanging around Miki and her STAR had some disastrous consequences; Their true form was revealed to Miki and humanity soon learnt the extent of PANDA’s terror.

Still under the influence of PANDA’s programming, Panda-san engages Miki in a duel though they are quickly incapacitated and captured by underground anime@UTS forces. Panda-san, trapped at a moral crossroad between appealing for PANDA’s forgiveness and going rogue, ultimately decides to stay by Miki’s side, fighting alongside her as her number one partner in the resistance efforts.

Panda-san waving

Panda-san's Stats

Power: A-
Speed: A
Percision: A+
Skill: A+
Endurance: B+
Luck: B
STAR: null
Special abilities: Shapeshifting, Espionage, Speaking different languages, Cooking.

HMAS Liberty MkIII Space Log 420

In the not so distant future of 202X, humanity is on the brink of invasion by an interdimensional hivemind species calling themselves the Penumbral Absolute Necrosis Defiance Alliance. Aka. PANDA. With their shapeshifting prowess they are infamous throughout the galaxy for the infiltration and assimilation of countless extraterrestrial civilisations, their forces growing stronger with each successful conquest. One woman, our fearless captain, ventures upon the frontier, pushing back the darkness so that the light of mankind may continue to survive. Her name is Miki. Captain of our ship, the HMAS Liberty Mk3.

For generations, agents of PANDA have lived amongst us. Watching us. Learning about us. No level of society nor system of power are free from their influence. They have been strategically awaiting the critical point at which they may strike and initiate their invasion. A plan which was prematurely initiated in 2016 when Panda-san, an espionage agent of their own was accidently untethered from their hivemind, thus alerting humanity to PANDA’s presence on Earth.

With no chance of facing them with our primitive technology, we turned to harnessing a new, experimental power source. Something that would allow us to showcase the shining strength of mankind. This of course being the STAR: A phenomenon exclusive to beings with unique consciousness’ and agency that manifests when the individual exhibits great resolve or willpower, giving the holder the ability to influence reality itself.

PANDA also covet the power of the STAR, though are unable to attain it without stealing it from others. With the power of STARs within their grasp, PANDA will have the power to carry out their ultimate goal; That being the total unification of all consciousness across the galaxy. Their wish is for no being to be left alone to suffer through the end when the inevitable heat death of the universe arrives, disregarding the fact that this can only be achieved through the disposal of countless, unique cultures across the galaxy. Our attempts at diplomacy thus far have been unsuccessful, leaving us no choice but to resort to much more drastic measures.

In response to this threat, a dormant task force called ‘Astronomical Navigation by Intelligence Mandated Echelon’ stationed at the University of Technology Sydney or anime@UTS awakens to be the spearhead against humanity’s retaliation against PANDA. The team is composed of a group of ‘lone wolves, nerds, troublemakers, academic heretics, and general pain in the butts of government bureaucracy’ that employ Miki as their primary combatant. Shepherded by the elusive ‘Major Tom’, they are probably the only chance of humanity successfully facing PANDA and perhaps even defeating them once and for all.