Danganronpa: Escape Room

🕵️ Danganronpa: Escape Room 🕵️

A grand summons to everyone to emerge victorious by uncovering the truth! A sinister crime scene is waiting for your investigation. Anime@UTS in partnership with the Puzzle Society beckons you to tackle the chilling mystery, the Danganronpa: Escape Room.

A gathering of our esteemed Executives led by OperateUTS faced an unexpected and grim discovery - a body 💀. The task now lies on your shoulders to deduce enigmatic puzzles, scout for hidden clues 🔎 to reveal the actual incident. Prepare yourself for daunting repercussions in case of failure to do so!

Inspired by the much-admired detective thriller visual novel series: Danganronpa, we've created our unique escape room challenge at the UTS campus. Prepare to put those sharp wits and intellect on a challenging ride 🎢 - team up, unlock puzzles 🧩, and amass clues from the crime scene to unmask the deception and expose the reality 👀🔍 . Beware of the red herrings, the culprit's deceptive clues 🔴!

Successfully identify the killer and unravel the sequence of events to win the game. You'll then be rewarded with both your freedom and a coveted limited edition gift 🎁. Beware, failure will lead you straight into dire consequences >:) .

Please remember, Tickets are limited and each timeslot can hold a maximum of 6 people, grab them ASAP! ⏰🏃 Gather your Ultimates, put on your detective hats 🕵 and brace yourselves for a bear-y 🐼 exciting escape room event you won't want to miss out on! 🙌

Ticket Sales End: September 29. If tickets aren't procured by this date, it will prevent your participation in the event. The event is situated at a different location: CB11.00.100 (Building 11, Level 0, Room 100). As Building 11 is shut on weekends, participants are required to bring their Student ID cards or get in touch with the event organizers for entry.

Event Date: September 30th from 10am to 4pm

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Sep 30th, 2023
10:00 am - 7:00 pm
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