Anime@UTS Demon Hunt


The Executive Demons of UTS have conspired with Muzan and are instigating mischief throughout Sydney 😨! It now falls upon the brave members of anime@uts to suppress these chaotic creatures! The demon slaying corp is enlisting hunters from the club, and is offering over $500 worth of prizes 💰 to the top 5 performing teams!!! Gather a squad of 2-3 elite slayers and prevent these beasts from spreading any more chaos!

During the day, the executive demons will be lurking throughout the city, and your mission will kick off from Building 11 where you have to track them down. To aid you in your endeavor, puzzles will be revealed over the course of the day. But beware, these cunning exec demons will keep the mystery alive; and you'll have to exert yourself to locate them 😈! Rules, prizes, and clues will be unveiled in the days leading up to the event!

Event Details:

⚔️ When: Saturday 18th of March, 11am - 4pm
⚔️ Where: Gather at the entrance of Building 11 for mission briefing
⚔️ What to bring:

  • Refreshing Water
  • Phone/Power Bank (Clues will be posted online)
  • Eatables/Money (Options to purchase meals during lunch break available!)
  • Partnership of 2 Pals! (For those hunting solo, fear not! We'll sort out teams for everyone)

Prize sponsors will be shared soon – so prepare yourself for fame and glory!

Register Now:

To take part in the event, register Here. We can't wait to see you, dauntless hunters!

Mar 18th, 2023
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Entrance of Building 11