anime@UTS Rhythm Gaming Hangout Mini-Event

Anime@UTS Rhythm Gaming Hangout Mini-Event

Let's hang out, groove to some beats, and get into the rhythm!

Join us for Anime@UTS' Rhythm Gaming Hangout Mini-Event! Held during the second week of the spring semester, we invite all members who are fans or curious about rhythm games. Come play and enjoy a rhythm-packed session with us! 🪩

Members will have the chance to explore an array of well-known mobile rhythm games, guided by our skilled executive leaders and fellow members. Expect the likes of Project Sekai and Arcaea. Plus, we'll organize various gaming stations showcasing other popular rhythm games such as Groove Coaster, SDVX, and Chunithm! However, we regret to inform that due to certain circumstances, a station equipped with Taiko will not be provided this time. Not exclusively into these games? No worries! We're all about hanging out and easing into the chaotic start of the new semester. So, drop by and join us!

Exciting news! We are hosting a limited capacity osu! mini-tournament as part of our event! Those who wish to participate should register for the tournament before 1PM on the day of the event, or feel free to pre-register using the form below. The contest will follow a casual 1v1 format with brackets matched according to participants' skill and ranking level. Our top three competitors will win 1 month of osu! supporter each, and the champion will be bestowed a special server role accompanied by a unique icon.

Event details:

  • Date: 16th August
  • Time: 12PM – 3PM
  • Location: On-campus!

More event details coming soon!

If rhythm games are your thing, or if you're interested in connecting with new people, join us by clicking on the link below: LINK TO EVENT


For the upcoming osu! tournament, we encourage participants to fill out this form giving details like skill levels, attendance, and preferred beatmaps. We'll revert next week so that we can shape this dream into a reality together! Link to Form

Aug 16th, 2023
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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