Summer's in full swing, and what better way to celebrate than a day at the beach! We invite you to let go of your inhibitions and join us in a day of soaring surf, delicious snacks, and absolute relaxation—much like your favorite slice-of-life anime's iconic beach episode! Join us at the picturesque Coogee Beach, NSW, from 11AM until 4PM on Sunday, the 5th of February for a spectacular day filled with swimming, sandcastle competitions, explosive water fights, intense volleyball games, and an exciting blind watermelon smashing contest! 🍉 Rest assured, food, drinks, music, and games will be taken care of. However, we'd love for you to bring your own specials too! 🌭🍎

What do I bring?

Don't fully know what you might need? Here's a helpful checklist of everything that might be handy on your day at the beach:

  • Swimwear 🩳👙
  • Sunscreen 🧴
  • A beach towel
  • Sunglasses 😎
  • Sun umbrella or sun tent ⛱️
  • Hat 🧢
  • Snacks 🍪
  • Hydration: Water or Non-alcoholic beverages 🥤
  • Comfortable footwear 🩴
  • Your favorite water games (Frisbees, water guns, balls) 🔫
  • An extra set of clothes and a bag for your wet swimwear 👕

How do I get there?

Coogee Beach is a quick and convenient bus journey from either Bondi Junction or Central Station, with frequent services like the 374, 373, and 339 buses departing every 15-20 minutes. 🚌 Remember, specific details and pictures of the location will be posted on the day of the event!

What about lunch?

Your trusty executive team will be handling the sizzling BBQ starting from 12:30PM. We've got a mouth-watering menu that includes classic beef sausage sandwiches AND an inclusive veggie option 🥪 🌭 ✨

What if it rains?

In the unfortunate circumstances of rain or inclement weather, we will be compelled to cancel the event. However, we will try our hardest to reorganize and reschedule on an alternative date.

Is there a cost?

Absolutely not! This beach day is a FREE event, open to all! This also includes the BBQ lunch 🍖

Remember, no alcohol is allowed during the event. This rule extends to all of Coogee Beach and surrounding park areas.

Got all of that? Great! Show us that you’re keen on joining by registering your interest on the Discord event.

Feb 5th, 2023
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Coogee Beach
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