⚠️ Brace yourselves, for it's time to indulge in Makoto Shinkai's newest masterpiece, Suzume, showcased in V-MAX for a truly immersive cinematic experience! 📽️

Who is Makoto Shinkai?

Those unfamiliar with Makoto Shinkai, let's introduce you to the genius behind multiple globally celebrated films like 'Your Name' and 'Weathering With You'. Buckle up for an exquisite visual journey—nothing can be more perfect for the big screen! 😊

What is this movie about?

Suzume spins the tale of a 17-year-old girl living a quiet life in a serene town in Kyushu. Her life takes a turn when she meets a nomadic young man in search of a door. What transpires when she stumbles upon a dilapidated door in the mountains, standing strong as if braving a collapse? As unexplained doors cause havoc throughout Japan, she sets out on a door-locking odyssey. Guided by these mystic doors, she finds herself observing a sky where time seems to merge into one! 🚪🔑

And guess what? Suzume has claimed the title of the 4th highest selling Japanese film of all time! You certainly wouldn't want to miss this!

Movie Details

Ink in the 22nd of April, Saturday, 5:45 pm into your calendars! We are showcasing the film in the V-Max session at the George Street Event Cinemas. The plan is to gather at the cinema by 5:15 pm so we can purchase the tickets on the spot. Since we're viewing in V-Max (our only option at George Street), tickets will be a tad pricier—$26.50 for standard seats and $30.50 for reclining ones. The film spans two hours, so we'll wrap up by around 8 pm and can then head over to Daiso/Woolies for some after-movie snacks. All we can say is, it's definitely worth it! 🍿

User Reviews

Our execs have had the chance to watch the movie, and they cannot stop raving about it. Their reviews hint at breathtaking visuals, a captivating storyline, and stellar performances. This only adds to the anticipation!

Where is the trailer?

Eager already? Here’s the trailer to whet your appetite. Happy viewing!

Apr 22nd, 2023
6:15 pm - 8:30 pm
George St Event Cinemas
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