Howdy, "Travellers"! We're just about tipping the edge of the Genshin anniversary; the second one to be precise, because let's be honest, the first one is slipping into oblivion, right?

So, to make this a gala, we're orchestrating a massive Genshin Trivia Event! Regardless if you're a gacha maestro or a greenhorn, you're all welcome. Gather your squad of 3-5 travellers, where you'll engage in a friendly duel across a wide terrain of topics, spanning from META, to OSTs, and LORE. Our secret apple of the eye? Absolutely, a mystery category.

Tell me, does a worthy competition exist without alluring winnings? Fear not, our rewards will unquestionably upstage the anniversary gifts!

First Place Prize: Battle Pass :whale:
Second Place Prize: Welkin Moon :wheelchair:
Third Place Prize: Nail-biting over it.. A SECRET exec stepping on you :wheelchair:

Therefore, rally towards Room CB11.05.102 on the 28th of September, confirmed Wednesday, at 2 PM, for a day soaked in Genshin delight. Don't shy away from dressing up, as we are told that Cosplay is heartily endorsed.

The gates to our event are unlocked through this URL:

Eager to greet you there, clad in your beloved Genshin gear, primed for a trivia thrill ride!
P.S: We're on the task of handling images separately, so lack of them on the form should not cause concern.

Sep 28th, 2022
2:00 pm -