Anime@UTS AGM 2022

Anime@UTS AGM 2022 - 23rd Oct Starting at 2:00pm

As the sun sets on 2022, all those deeply entwined within the Anime@UTS community deserve heartfelt gratitude. The club, a testament to the unfaltering dedication of the enthusiastic university students who keep its heart beating, owes much to its members for their unwavering support this year 💙 😊 . Every October, like clockwork, we embark on a quest to find spirited individuals ready to take the torch and become part of the executive family for the coming year.

This year’s AGM (Annual General Meeting) begins at 2:00pm in room B11.4.401, and promises to provide a much more significant experience than any before it. Mirroring the club's exorbitant growth, we are casting a wide net to offer more opportunities and swell our current ranks. We're honing in on constitutional changes to usher in a new structure and launch several fresh executive roles needing inspiring leaders.

Peruse through the proposed roles, intricacies about each, and the number of available potions in the linked document:
Document Link

If the idea of leading from the front excites you, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself via the expression of interest form provided. We appreciate growth, so an initial lack of experience won’t be a deterrent!
Anime@UTS AGM Expression of Interest Form

Prepare for a long, enriching afternoon, and do remember:

  • A chance to vie for more than one coveted position at the AGM awaits you.
  • Delivering a hearty speech to introduce yourself and lay out your interests for the role is an expectation set for all applicants.
  • Taking the initiative to mingle in our CMS channel before the AGM is highly recommended, as time constraints during the meeting might limit thorough acquaintance.
Oct 23rd, 2022
2:00 pm -