Genshin Gambling NAHIDA EDITION

Genshin Gambling NAHIDA EDITION

Feeling adventurous enough to risk a low-key money loss? Well, Genshin Impact's Version 3.2 is almost upon us and it will bring with it new characters!

In this upcoming installment, we introduce the grass-touching, child archon, Nahida. Or if this doesn’t spark your interest, maybe you're planning to make a pull on Yoimiya's 4th banner?

The release of an archon signifies another exciting pulling event. This would happen on the release of v3.2, scheduled for 2pm on 2nd November. Picture yourself pulling Qiqi amidst a fascinated crowd or, if luck favours you, losing your 50/50 to Tighnari.

Who can participate? The event is open to all!

What exactly is happening? A Genshin character pulling event for the new arrivals.

Where will this take place? Right here on our online platform!

When is it slated for? The fun unfurls next Wednesday, that is 02/11, at 2pm coinciding with the launch of v3.2.

And the million-dollar question - why participate? Well, fancy losing your 50/50 in front of an utterly amazed crowd?

So, gear up to lose your primos (kidding!) And maybe nab that 5-star next Wednesday! The thrill awaits you, as stated above!

Feb 11th, 2022
2:00 pm -
Anime@UTS Discord