E3 2021 Nintendo Direct Watch-Along

E3 2021 Nintendo Direct Watch-Along

Greetings to all! E3 is kicking off in under a week! To the uninitiated, the Electronic Entertainment Experience is the premier event in the gaming world where most companies make known their future endeavours. To celebrate this grand spectacle, we have slated a live watch-along for Nintendo's conference. Our first proposal was to conduct watch-alongs for other conferences as well, but the ungodly hours (circa 4:00 AM) made us reconsider. Nonetheless, if there is substantial interest to witness any other conference communally, don't hesitate to voice this in the comments section below, and we might line up a few more. If this session proves to be enjoyable, we might make it a tradition for future Nintendo Directs, so be sure not to miss out if you're up during the event!

When: Event starts at 2:00 AM, but feel free to join in early for some gaming fun!

Where: Our club's digital hub (The link will be disseminated shortly.)

P.S. - Please bear in mind, the images mentioned in the initial announcement are handled separately and are not incorporated in this text description. Can't wait to have you onboard for the watch-along!

Jun 16th, 2021
2:00 am -
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