Big Brain Triva Collab

Big Brain Trivia Collab Extravaganza! :smart:

Hello, big braincrew! :wave:
Time to hype up for our Big Brain Trivia event, a unique venture with the genius folks at GMAS/RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)! :astonished: It's our debut venture into inter-state anime club activities!

The trivia bonanza launches on Saturday, September 25th, from 7 PM to 10 PM.

Wondering what's the event's recipe?
It's an exotic blend of weeb favorites (your beloved manga & light novels), general expertise, fun-filled games, humanities and sciences, western media charm, plus a secret section set to stupefy you!

Our dignified hosts, Dawu and Goody, will deliver trivia challenges during a heated Zoom meetup, with exclusive channels prepped for team communication.

Previously dived into our online trivia?
Don't stress, as we're recreating the same vibrant atmosphere!

You're welcome to rally a team of 3 to 5 comrades, or roll solo if that suits you better! Regardless, expect an adrenaline surge - if you're solo, we'll pair you with other players! :thumbsup:

Feeling the competitive spirit? We're ready for you…
Prove your intellectual prowess and become triumphant to pick up prizes galore!
You could take home $200 worth of Woolies vouchers! :tada:

Are you set to dive in? ACT NOW! Today is the final day to sign up here.

Remember to join our server here, and don't miss out on the
Zoom Meeting link.

Got questions? Don't hesitate, drop me a direct message or raise them in ask-an-exec.
Excited to meet you all!

Important event link: Facebook event page

Note: Rally every mate to sign up for our new Big Brain Trivia collab extravaganza, add a dash of fun to the game, and compete to scoop up that $200 worth of Woolies vouchers!

Sep 25th, 2021
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Online (Zoom)