Due to the ongoing pandemic, we've had to postpone some of our in-real-life events. However, don't worry! Because of this delay, we're bringing back our online Fun & Games Nights (FNG) over on our platform!

If you're unsure of what our online FNG is all about, here's a quick summary. Last year, when university shifted to an entirely online platform, we held online FNG instead of in-person ones. This online FNG includes a schedule of events and games you can enjoy with us every Friday. The lineup features games such as Jackbox, Among Us, Minecraft, Smash, Anime Music Quiz, Gartic Phone, Werewolf, and Clocktower.

⛏️ Oh yes, we did say Minecraft! Our Minecraft server is making a triumphant return! It's a vanilla survival server, and you can join in at this IP:! ⛏️

Here's the rundown of the games schedule (times starting at PM):

  • 3-4 Gartic phone 📞
  • 4-5 Smash 👊
  • 5-6 Among us 🔪
  • 6-8 Anime music quiz 🎵
  • 8-9 Jackbox 📺😂
  • 9+ Werewolf/Clocktower 🕰️
  • After Werewolf/Clocktower, it's Karaoke time! 🎤

Who’s invited? Everyone, including YOU!
When? Every Friday! (2nd July, 9th July)
Where? Here on our online platform.
What's on the agenda? Online Fun & Games during July.
Why? Because the pandemic may be annoying, but we can still have fun online!

Follow this link for more information. We are looking forward to the two-week return of our online FNG as we power through this lockdown. Here’s to bringing some fun and excitement your way!

Our special shout-out to <@!525932949288255519> for the dank meme! 🥄

Jul 2nd, 2021
3:00 pm -