Shoujo Screening

Shoujo Screening

Attention all club members! Are you relentlessly hooked on anime? A BL aficionado? Obsessed with 2D hotties who you fantasize were insanely real? Then, we have the perfect event! Block off next Tuesday, the 23rd of March, from 11am onwards and join us for our Shoujo Screening marathon!

Here's the breathtaking marathon we have outlined for you:

  • 11am to 1pm: Yuri on Ice!
  • 12pm to 1pm: The Given Movie
  • 1pm onwards: Extended screening (details to be announced)

If you've had jitters that anime or BL might not be your cup of tea, worry no more! We open our doors to everyone! There's ample space for you to bond with new peers or dazzle us with your university work. We promise to make it merrier with copious snacks and refreshments!

In light of recent weather predictions revealing impending heavy rainfall, we regret to inform you that the dinner and Kinokuniya trip have to be cancelled. On that note, got an umbrella? Check if your travel routes are affected by the storm! We assure you, we do feel the rain on your parade!

Event details

  • Who: Club Members
  • When: 23rd of March, 2021 from 11am onwards
  • Where: CB11.04.301
  • What: Shoujo Screening and Extended Screening
  • Why: Because 2D boys dominate our universe, and we don't need any more reasons than that!

RSVP via the link here

Mar 23rd, 2021
11:00 am - 3:00 pm