20th Anniversary Keyrings

20th Anniversary Keyrings Celebration

Hello everybody! Here at anime@UTS, we're celebrating our big 20th anniversary this year, and to kick things off right, we have a special surprise for all of our members. We'll be presenting premium, limited edition, metal-enamel keyrings to all members eligible!

Our giveaway, alongside a chill anisong, a fun candy jar guesstimate competition, and our merchandise sale, will be taking place at the Student Learning Hub above the food court in Building 2. The date is set for 17th March, and we'll be there from 11am-4pm.

In order to secure one of these limited edition keyrings, all members are required to simply show proof of paid membership fee, alongside their membership card. These gorgeous keyrings are up for grabs, but remember, they are limited to a quantity of 100, so you'll need to be quick. Additionally, you may also sign up for membership or pick up your membership card on the day.

We're looking forward to seeing you there! For more information please check out the link below.

Additional Information

Mar 17th, 2021
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Student Learning Hub above the food court in Building 2