Easter Picnic

anime@UTS: Easter Picnic

Regrettably, our traditional Anime Sydney Easter bash and BBQ gathering were disrupted due to the onset of COVID. Nonetheless, do not dismay, we've planned an even more magnificent Easter Celebration this forthcoming Sunday, April 11th! We have organized an intimate Easter picnic at the lush Chippendale Green for a day bustling with an array of thrilling mini-games, enticing snacks, and a flavoursome vegetarian friendly sausage sizzle by our very own, Yann.

  • The mini games will include:
    • Easter Hunt
    • Waifu Princess Carry Race
    • A twisty session of 'Twister'
    • Little Secret Journey with a rich, chocolatey surprise awaiting you at the end

It would be delightful to see you in your bunny ears as we all concur that bunnies are the epitome of cuteness. We aren't anticipating full-on bunny cosplay, unless... (That's food for thought, isn't it?)

We're providing an assortment of food and drinks, including luscious chocolates. Although, you're more than welcome to pack your own favorite meal to share with everyone! (Just a heads up, there's a Woolworths in close range).

React to this post, if you're planning on joining us, so we can calculate the amount of grub and beverages we’ll need! Bring your games, picnic mats, and most importantly, be prepared to fully unwind and enjoy this marvelous day!

Who: Members
When: Sunday, 11th April, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Where: Chippendale Green, near Central Park Mall.
What: Easter Picnic (followed by a movie at 4:30 at George street)
Why: To give our inner otaku a well-deserved break! :D

An additional surprise awaits! At 4:30 pm, after the picnic, we have planned a screening of the 'Fate/Grand Order Camelot wandering Agateram' movie at George Street. If interested, you might want to watch the 'Fate/Grand Order - First Order' film on animelab beforehand for some context. However, if time permits, we may just watch it at UTS while we wait for the main event.

Find all the juicy details on our Facebook event page.

Apr 11th, 2021
11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Chippendale Green, near central park mall