MQ X UTS Karaoke + Dinner

MQ X UTS Karaoke + Dinner 🎤

Burning to belt out your favorite tunes with the Anisoc gang during a Karaoke session? The long wait has ended! We are returning with a fabulous collaboration between Anime@UTS and AnimeMQ! 🤝

Clear your schedules for December 8th! We are meeting at Echo Point at Town Hall from 12pm - 6:30pm with a non-negotiable $20 + compulsory drink offer for a full 6.5 hours. Overbooked and running a bit later? Fret not! You'll still be privy to this deal, though you may miss out on some lighthearted merrymaking. Don't sweat over not knowing Japanese songs - we've got an English room ready for you! 🎌

Subsequent to the vocal fun, we will reconvene at the Kansai Japanese Restaurant for an indiscriminate Japanese Buffet. You can select between two options, the $35 and $45 menu. The regular $35 menu gives you carte blanche to order anything besides sashimi, hotpot, and gelato. But if your cravings lean towards sashimi and hotpot, the $45 menu takes the win, with no end in sight! 🍣🍜 Here's your Ticket to Kansai
To claim your spot, it's essential to RSVP. Fill this RSVP form lickety-split as it shuts down at the stroke of midnight! Your dinner spot won't be locked in without it. But, fear not, it's but a few clicks away. (RSVP form will close on the 6th!)‼

WHO: A warm welcome to all, but remember spots are limited to 15!
WHEN: Wednesday, 8th of December, 12-6:30pm for Karaoke and post-6:30pm for Dinner!
WHERE: Echo Point Karaoke, Town Hall & Kansai.
WHAT: Karaoke + delectable Japanese all-you-can-eat buffet.
WHY: Two words: Music Feast! 🎉🎉🎉

Note of Importance: If you plan on joining us, don't delay, complete the RSVP form pronto ⚠️⚠️

For thorough details, jump into our Facebook event page.

And, remember our Padoru Ramen Night event is happening tomorrow!
Building up anticipation, our camp is set to roll out in under 2 weeks!
Lastly, don't miss to cast your vote or pre-vote for the local elections this Saturday to sidestep penalties.

Dec 8th, 2021
12:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Echo Point Karaoke Town Hall & Kansai
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