Online Animazing Race 2020

Online Animazing Race 2020 - anime@UTS

Due to the ongoing pandemic and its subsequent regulations, we regret to inform that the annual Animazing race, an event overflowing with fun that we host every year, was cancelled. But worry not! The 2020 executive team has been tirelessly creating something special for our esteemed members!

Embark on an online Adventure! Our team has crafted a unique RPG-style quest, presented in a Google form. As the chosen adventurer, you will navigate through assorted routes, confront challenges and memes, unravel riddles, and stride towards your destiny!

Complete the challenges to earn the bragging rights and immerse in the engrossing narrative woven by our creative team. What’s an amazing race without a glorious prize? The first adventurer to complete the online quest will be rewarded with a mystery prize! At the year's end, we will unveil a list of victors who completed this thrilling quest.

Feel free to share the adventure and challenge your friends! We'll keep the form open for anyone excited to attempt this extraordinarily animazing journey.

Set your reminders! The online quest will be released on the 18th of December 2020.

Location: Online
Date: 18/12/20
Who's invited? You! The chosen adventurer!!

For further details, visit our Facebook event page.

Dec 18th, 2020
12:00 am -