AnimeUNSW x anime@UTS: Games and Chill

AnimeUNSW x anime@UTS: Games and Chill

Are you exhausted from non-stop assignments? Has university been causing you stress? Would you like a quick timeout? We invite you to unwind with the Games and Chill collaboration event. UNSW Anime Society and anime@UTS are delighted to announce a unique online event. Swing by whenever you can and engage in games such as "Among Us", a Battle Royale/Hunger Games scenario on a collective Minecraft server, or simply chill out and watch AnimeUNSW President Anne battle it out on Fall Guys or immerse in Genshin, rooting for those lovable Husbandoes. And what's a Discord gaming session without Jackbox? We will also introduce Jackbox 7 during the event. For anyone looking to create new friendships or compete against the execs, your presence at Games and Chill is awaited (」゜ロ゜)」. All are welcome to participate, so join the server specifically established for this occasion. Whether you are an ardent seasonal fan, a beginner to anime, or just want to hang out with your pals, our Inter-uni Online event is tailor-made for you. Oh, and expect some Werewolf or Clocktower after hours. Curious? 🤫🤫🤫

Here are the event DETAILS:

  • WHO: You and your buddies
  • WHEN: Saturday, October 17th
  • TIME: 7 pm to 10 pm
  • WHERE: AnimeUNSW x anime@UTS joint server

And here's the SCHEDULE:

  • Among Us: 7 pm-10 pm (2 rooms available based on size)
  • Jackbox: 7 pm-10 pm (Jackbox 7 starts at 8 pm)
  • Minecraft: 7 pm-8 pm (Battle Royale), 8 pm-10 pm (Puzzles)
  • Stream: 7 pm-8 pm (Fall Guys), 8 pm-10 pm (Genshin)

Link to Facebook event:

Oct 17th, 2020
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
AnimeUNSW x anime@UTS joint server