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Music Monday – Floppy Drives

February 15, 2016, by , posted in Music

Remember floppy disks? Those things that could hold a whooping 1.4MB of data, and have long been replaced by CDs, DVDs, BDs, Flash, SSD, Cloud and all other newfangled tech out there. So now the only good use for them and their drives is, you guessed it, to make music!

I present to you the To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OP – only my railgun performed by floppy disk drives.

Thats not all, there are a bunch of songs that this person and others have covered using floppy drives! Just search for it.

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Picture It – In A City, Not Sure What I’m Doing!

January 18, 2012, by , posted in Art

Chances are you live in one of these… sort of! On today’s Picture It: Cityscapes!

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