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Karaoke + Eatout RPG VI – [email protected] Edition

January 2, 2012, by , posted in Events, News

-The Legend-

The fiends of Boredom and Gotznotingbetertodo are claiming countless victims, throwing the world as we know it into mildly relaxed CHAOS.

It has been said that on January 14th, warriors with a burning passion to sing will emerge and rid themselves and others of these imposing fiends at an event that would be known as K.

So come out of your homes and ensure that you make it to K. You are needed! Oh, and there is dinner too!


Doomsday: Saturday, 14th January, 2011
Mythical place of K: Mizuya Karaoke
Time of destruction: 2:00pm till around 5:00pm – Dinner after
Price to become warrior: $15 pp for 3 hours (food costs extra)

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