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Ghibli Movie Day!!

January 14, 2016, by , posted in Events


Holidays are long and i’m sure alot of us just sit at home watching anime all day, so why don’t we have fun and watch anime together?!

We will be setting up a double movie screening in the UTS concourse *place subject to change*. The first movie will be Kiki’s Delivery Service followed by Princess Mononoke. We all like to be comfortable so bring your pillows to sit on (and your dakimakura if you wish), wear comfy clothes, bring snacks to share and prepare to relax. *Daiso has cheap pillows if you need* We will also have space for people to play boardgames, puzzles etc. when waiting for the movies to begin.

We look forward to seeing you there!

When: 11am-5pm, Sunday 24th Jan
Where: UTS Concourse
Why: Because holidays are boring and Ghibli is awesome
Bring: snacks, pillows, games
Contact: 0413502454 (Madeline)
Facebook: Link

Wind Rises

The Wind Rises

February 16, 2014, by , posted in Review

When thinking of the works of award winning director – Hayao Miyazaki you would normally think of his amazing fairy tale type movies like My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away or Howls Moving CastleThey are all similar in the sense that they are set out in a somewhat realistic world with elements of magic and mystery and these become the predominant aspects of the story, which create the unforgettable feeling of a Studio Ghibli Movie. The Wind Rises (風立ちぬ), however differs from the tradition fantasy genre and is based on a true story of a Jiro Horikoshi, an aerospace engineer, who’s dream was to create beautiful planes that would surpass the German designs in both speed and power. Even though the setting is in real life World War I and then World War II Japan, this touching story of a young boys dream, dedication to work, search for perfection, love and despair is one of the best works of Director Miyazaki. It really shows us, just how fragile a human life really is.

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Music Monday – When you’re sitting in a resturant…

September 2, 2013, by , posted in Music

While sitting in a Japanese restaurant after enjoying some katsu curry with several fellow [email protected] this afternoon, I heard the slow and delicate plucking of a guitar and a soft, clear voice, rising and falling in a gentle and yet somehow addictive tune over their sound system. It was comforting and pleasant to listen to, and despite the slow pace of the song and what seemed like a slight melancholic note, surprisingly uplifting. Have I ever mentioned I like songs that are uplifting?

In any case, after a few tries with SoundHound, eventually all was revealed. The song was called ‘Hana’ by Kana Uemura, from the album ‘Shiawase no Hako wo Hiraku Kagi’ (aka ‘The Key to Open the Box of Happiness’). Although I was determined to listen to it again, I wasn’t able to find the song anywhere although I scoured the internet for videos (there is this streaming link I discovered), however I did find this little gem:

If I thought ‘Hana’ sounded familiar to me somehow (and I still can’t figure out why), this song stirred even more memories and I immediately thought to myself ‘Studio Ghibli!’. Yes, what is it but the theme song to Kiki’s Delivery Service.

(And of course, we’ve all heard about Hayao Miyazaki retiring from doing feature length films. Listen to the song in farewell, won’t ya? We’ll all miss this great man who brought us such spectacular films.)

Although Uemura’s voice reminds me in some ways of YUI, there are moments like in ‘Yasashisa ni tsutsumareta nara’ where her voice really stands out. It is a clear and honest sound and the guitar she uses compliments her nicely, even though she also sings to loud and fun big band style music now and then… though I can’t seem to find that song again either!

In doing all that searching though, now I think I have a second favourite song of hers, ‘Milk Tea’. I think Uemura has shown herself to be pretty versatile and I’m loving it~

Relaxing Porco Piano for your Music Monday evening!

September 17, 2012, by , posted in Features, Music

When your humble blogger here wrote (no wait, typed!) his last Music Monday post about one of the themes from InuYasha, fellow club member Kirishima was so happy to have some classic anime here again, we’ve decided to dedicate more posts to this time period in Japanese animation! Well, the music in this time period of Japanese animation. With this in mind, let’s explore this rather nostalgic (and porky) tune.

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Picture It – Weekly Wednesday Art Dose

December 21, 2011, by , posted in Art, Features

Like all great things, ideas are copied from better places and people, so just like your weekly dosage of music, this will be your weekly dosage of art for whatever purpose (as long as you don’t steal it).

Art does not have to be intricate to be beautiful, sometimes an inordinate and insightful idea/theme is just as captivating, or even if art piece is just used for humourous effect. You can draw inspiration from other artists, but ultimately draw the way you want, and in the way which is comfortable for you.

This week to start off, we’ll be picking something from Pixiv. I can’t take you to the start of it all, since I’m lacking a bit of knowledge in that realm, but hopefully these pieces will be something you all are fairly familiar with and can appreciate the beauty of.
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