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Music Monday – Birth

February 29, 2016, by , posted in Music

Good morning peeps, this weeks music Monday is brought to you by Ben: 

When asked to write something up about a song from anime so many good ones came to mind, although wanting to avoid things you guys may have heard of before I’ve gone with what I would assume is a fairly unknown yet still very interesting anime – Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday without God).

So for this week’s Music Monday I’ve decided to go with the “Birth” by Eri Kitamura as featured in the opening sequence of Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi.

I’ve never been good at analysing or describing music, so I’m going to keep this brief. There are two main things I pay close attention to when listening to music: pacing and simplicity. I think “Birth” does a great job of getting both of these things right. With its blend of quick, upbeat tunes mixed in with the slower, more calming piano melody I thoroughly enjoy listening to this song and it always seems to get me fired up to watch another episode.

I hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as me and I highly recommend watching the anime if you haven’t already – especially if you’ve seen Angel Beats and enjoyed that.

Music Monday – Parasite

February 22, 2016, by , posted in Music

Good morning folks, this weeks Music Monday is presented to you by Nick Bradley. Enjoy:

A very obscure anime that was recommended to me by a friend, the only information provided was “migi” – I had no idea what this meant.

Gradually, as in the first episode, I learnt the meaning of the word and couldn’t understand why he hadn’t told me more than just “mini”. Regardless the information he gave was enough to provide an insight to what the anime was about and how truly enjoyable my very own migi could be ;)

However one thing that he failed to mention was the opening theme “Let Me Hear” by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas. The unique sound that the OP provides correlates across four different sections within the song – the original track adds to these sections to an even greater depth.

The beginning of the op features a slightly dirtied guitar riff that sets the tone for the whole song and to a degree the MC’s transformation throughout the series. Following this is the bridge where the synthesizer is introduced – a higher class of sound that depicts the actual centrepiece of the song, similar to that of migi within the anime. However this revelation only comes through later on in the song (as well as the anime) when the mashup of instruments (events and characters) comes into play.

The OP finishes with the synthesizer waning off, a mash of (slight) screamo, and heavy guitar riffs, which consistently amp up the audience for the next episode and finally it all ends on a scream.

I highly recommend listening to this song and hopefully watching the anime because it’s god damn kowaii-ly sugoi – legitimately though, it was a great op that laid the path to an awesome anime. The songs vibrant layers open the gates to a lush musical journey that in my opinion can relate to (even a small degree) all people’s tastes. If the OP leaves you wanting more definitely look up the whole song as it adds even more complexity to the sounds mashed up layers of instruments.


Music Monday – Tell me why?

February 8, 2016, by , posted in Music

This weeks edition of Music Monday is brought to you by our very own Patrick Dunne, enjoy:

I recently found out that you guys have an anime music blog.

So when the Prez asked me if I wanted to write about music……about anime music. I couldn’t really care, but because I love you guys, I’m willing to give you a sloppily written Sunday hangover review about my journey into the heart of madness that is the world of anime music.

There is one song, that –only you Hipsters out there will get– that I love more then “Cruel Angel’s Thesis”.

And that song is…. (*Drum Roll*)

‘Tell Me Why’ -By the Penpals.

Look, There’s no secret that I’m the #1 fan of Berserk in Oceania.

But “Tell me why” is the worst OP for any franchise ever made. Particularly for a show that is a rad as ‘Berserk.’

For those of you who don’t know what a Berserk is, it is a 1997 slice of fantasy life anime adapted from Kentaro Miura’s 1989 critically acclaimed Manga. It follows a young man named gutz in a time of social upheaval as he explores the meaning of friendship, gets caught in comedic situations, and even finds love while all struggling against his own existential crises.


Berserk is like 90’s Naruto and One Piece, If you like these cartoons then you would love Berserk. But Berserk is better because

Mercenaries > Pirates> Ninja’s

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Music Monday – Scandal

February 1, 2016, by , posted in Music

Hi everyone, today’s Music Monday is brought to you by our very own Tonkatsu! Lets see what he has to say about SCANDAL:

I’ve been listening to all of SCANDAL’s released albums ever since their announcement on a new album Yellow, which will be out on March 2nd. I’ll just say straight off that it’s one of those bands, like Asian Kung Fu Generation, that you want to keep talking about, because their songs are incredible.

SCANDAL was formed as a rock band back in 2006, which is what these 4 females called themselves, as they only did rock when they first started. They’re not simply 4 girls that tries to look cute as depicted in the likes of K-ON – they sing, play, write some songs and puts up great performances live on stage. They’re a powerful band with lively personality – so it’s no wonder why they are super popular.

I’m sure most of you guys have heard of SCANDAL before as they performed theme songs for popular anime such as Bleach:

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Music Monday – Asian Kung-fu Generation

January 25, 2016, by , posted in Music

The new season started and one of the best shows is time around is called Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, or Erased in English. But I am here to talk about music, more specifically the OP of this great show. Its called Re:Re: by Asian Kung-Fu Generation and I think it fits this shows theme perfectly. Why? Well the melody, the lyrics are a given, but in this case its also the reason behind choosing a song by AKG from 2005. The story of Erased is set in 2006 and that is exactly the time when Asian Kung-Fu Generation was super popular, so it fits right?

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