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History That – Original English Manga

April 10, 2014, by , posted in History

I’m late. Barely going to post this in time. Week 7 is my killer week when everything piles on. You know what piled on until it finally went away? Original English manga, which thankfully is still relatively recent history.

What is Original English Manga (OEL)? In the 1990s, there were a few publishing companies which published translated volumes of manga.  These found a market albeit a small one with controversies such as panel flipping, censorship and bad translations. Some of them also published English comics which were distinctly inspired by manga. In the 2000s, some of these publishing companies took it a step further by publishing “manga style” comics by western creators, proclaiming they were jumping into the “mangaesque” style. I should note that when I talk about OEL, I am referring specifically to the phenom of Western publishing companies publishing “manga” style comics. International manga, which is encompasses all comics, is the term recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Analyse This: Shoujo Manga

May 4, 2012, by , posted in Features, History

Princess Knight by Osamu Tezuka and Mistress Fortune by Arina Tanemura

The shoujo demographic contains females generally younger than 18. Shoujo manga has a reputation for being over melodramatic, sugary sweet and suffocating their characters in flowers. Shoujo anime is much the same, albeit without as many flowers or sparkles.

Shoujo manga is actually quite varied. The only thing that has remained utterly constant in shoujo manga is the need for romance, preferably with a side dish of angst and the big eyes. Fantasy, action, psychological and horror works have been successful but this demographic has always largely thrived upon romance and ‘slice of life’.

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Discussion Point: Anime vs Manga?

March 1, 2011, by , posted in Blog

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Imagine a world where the techniques of rapidly showing a sequence of images to create the illusion of motion was never made. Now imagine a world where animation became so popular that it made the static art form of manga entirely obsolete. Which world would you choose and why? Comment below!

Naruto #500

July 10, 2010, by , posted in Blog

Naruto’s upto its 500th chapter. Geez…that’s a long time. So before I get all nostalgic about Naruto and how far its come in the last 10 or so years, I’d like to take a look at chapter 500 and why it was good.

This chapter, like the last few previous to it, is set within Naruto’s inner self. For some reason, Naruto’s inner self is just a blank white area, which isn’t very visually appealing. Similarly, the chapter is very discourse heavy and unfortunately doesn’t give the art enough room to really show off. This means that the art is very dependent on Kishimoto’s composition of frames and he does this by focusing on Naruto and Kushina’s faces.

I particularly like the way he draws Kushina’s face, showing a range of emotion throughout this chapter. He makes you care about a character that’s only been around for 3 chapters and you get a real sense of her personality in this chapter.

But why is Naruto good again? Because its getting back to characters we care about. The characters of Naruto have always been its strength. Over the last few arcs, the series has introduced too many new characters and ignoring the plethora of characters that we grew to love pre-time skip. Even though we’ve know very little about Kushina and Minato, they’re so ingrained into what Naruto is and it just works. And now Kishimoto’s taking it back to the start, back to the Nine-Tails and hopefully answering more questions than he raises.

Weekly Weeaboo

May 9, 2010, by , posted in Blog

A little late this week, sorry. Too many assignments to do. -_-

Bleach #402

Wtf is he going on about?

I’ve always liked Bleach’s incantations. Its like Naruto’s handseals for jutsu or the long start up for Dragonball. Sure the incantations don’t make sense, but you know the longer and more detailed the incantation, the better it is. They even assign a number as to how good the kidou is.

Anyway, this chapter had a nice playoff of power between Urahara and Aizen, though the dialogue was a miss for me. The whole “I’m in control” “No, I’m in control” style of dialogue, particularly with Aizen’s “I’m a god” way of talking doesn’t sit right. Maybe it works better in Japanese. Who knows. But its nice to see Urahara still use his tricks when he’s fighting serious.

Naruto #493

Real deep. Speaks to my soul.

How much soul-searching, character developing, jutsu/power training can Naruto go through? Like really? Hopefully it doesn’t end like the Team Gai fight in Shippuuden “To beat our clones, we just have to get stronger!”

It also seems like everyone in Naruto has a sad, tragic story in their past. All the tragic stories end up meaning nothing if there’s too many of them. Get to something important or progress the storyline please.