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Weekly Events

Weekly events will begin in week 2

Episode 11 Karaoke (SIDE B)

August 25, 2017, by , posted in Events

Hey everyone coming up in the next few weeks is everyone’s favourite thing Exams! wait no… KARAOKE!!! That’s right it’s been ages since our last trip so come join us and let’s destroy our vocal chords together at KARAOKE!

We will be going during the mid semester break on Monday the 11th of September and we will be going to our favourite location Echo point karaoke from 12:00 – 6:00pm so come join us at anytime and let’s all embaress ourselves or impress everyone!

Where: Echo point karaoke – 262 Pitt Street
When: Stuvac 11th of September
How much: This event will cost $15 plus a drink so somewhere between $18 – $22 (it’s generally easier to bring cash for making group payments)
Event: facebook

EP3_Fun & K

Episode 03 – Fun & K

March 11, 2017, by , posted in Events

Need more games? Need more funs? Ever wanted to walk into an arcade with a mob of people to intim

idate all the kids off of bishi bashi? Say no more, we got you covered.

[email protected] is going to the arcade and what better chance will you have to show off those mad DDR skills or that you can actually win something from the claw machine (personally been ripped off for 10 years). Afterwards we’re gonna ruin our vocal chords with some karaoke. Don’t worry if you’re not the greatest singer, I’m probably worse than you are.


What: Arcade and Karaoke
Why: Show off your mad skillzzzzzz
When: Friday, 17th of March, 10am – 6pm
Cost: Your dignity…. Okay just the price of the games you want to play, plus karaoke room hire
FB: link


March 4, 2014, by , posted in Events

Weekly events should hopefully start to get more normal here on in. As a recap, here’s the events we have, this post to be updated with more information once we hear back from the university itself!

Weekly Events

Monday Screenings
4PM – 6PM
Room TBA

Fun and Games
3PM – 6PM (dinner afterwards optional)
UTS Concourse (Tower Building/Building 1)

Friday Screenings
3PM – 6PM
Room CM05D.01.14
* Due to circumstances outside of our control

And one more Orientation Event for you!

Orientation Karaoke

What: Singing and making a fool of yourselves
When: March 8 2014
Where: Big Echo Karaoke
Why: It’s a whole heap of fun~
How: Open your pie hole ;)
LINK: [[email protected]] O-Karaoke! ♪

Final Orientation Event: O-K!

February 26, 2013, by , posted in Events

Previous president at Karaoke

Oh~ We’re going to K! Karaoke, that is!

Date: Saturday, 9th March, 2013
Location: Mizuya Karaoke – 614 George Street
(Don’t know how to get there? Meet us at Town Hall steps at 1:45pm!)
Time: 2:00pm – 8:00pm, karaoke finishes around 5:00pm
Karaoke Cost: $15 per person for three hours, extra for any ordered food and drink
Facebook Event: Click me!

Old jokes aside (long story), as our final Orientation event for you this semester, we’ll be taking you all to Karaoke with our good friends at Mizuya!

Sing your heart out in any language of your choice (Japanese, Korean, English… it’s up to you to locate the song in the system though)! Have a great time, or enjoy looking like an idiot singing out with the rest of us! You don’t need to be able to sing well, you just have to want to have fun!

And after that, you can come join us for a filling dinner to replenish all of that spent energy!

Please note that, we will ONLY be counting those who click ‘Attending’ on Facebook when booking rooms, so if you want to attend the event, please hit ‘Attending’ before the 2nd of March to be counted. ‘Maybe’ will be assumed to be ‘Not Attending’. If you do not have Facebook, notify an exec that you will be attending and we will factor you in.

Contact no for the day:
Alex (President): 0416 250 844


July 21, 2012, by , posted in Events

You’ve been waiting for it and its FINALLY here! KARAOKEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! YEAAAAAAHH!!!!



As usual, karaoke will be at Mizuya on Saturday, July 28th from 3pm – 6pm. We’ll have 2 rooms, one Japanese and one English. After karaoke, we’ll be heading off to dinner. Location for dinner depends on numbers.

-Onwards with the details!!-

Location:  Mizuya – 614 George Street, down stairs

When: Saturday, July 28th

Time: 3pm – 6pm, dinner afterwards.

More info on our Facebook event here!