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Weekly events will begin in week 2

Event Room changes!

September 26, 2012, by , posted in Events, News

We finally have room confirmation! Yay!

It’s graduation time again at UTS, so unfortunately F&G will not be running next week on October 3rd. However, the Main Screening will still run on Friday!

Another reminder for everyone; October 1st is Labour Day so the Chibi Screening will not be running.

All events will return to their normal schedule in week 10.

See you then!

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Weekly Events on hold!

September 12, 2012, by , posted in News

Just a quick reminder that there will be no weekly events running during Week 8 and VC Week.

However, AGM is still occurring on September 29th, so be sure to keep that day free! Let us know you’re coming through our Facebook event.

There will be room changes for events. An announcement regarding new rooms will be made soon, so keep an eye out for it!

Weekly events will be resuming in Week 9!


Badge Design Competition Results!

August 9, 2012, by , posted in Events, News

Badges from earlier in the year

First off, we want to thank everyone that participated in our competition! We had fun going through them and judging them, as well as cutting them out and pressing them into physical badges. It took us a while to decide the winners since there were so many designs to choose from. You probably don’t want to read any more of my babble, so I’ll just get on with it.

1st Place: Sammy Choy!

2nd Place: Chloe Wong!

3rd Place: Raymond Leong!

Thank you so much to everyone that participated!

[email protected] Facebook Posting Rules

July 24, 2012, by , posted in Admin, News

To better maintain our Facebook pages, we have developed a set of rules outlining how members can post. They are as follows:

The following rules apply to both the Facebook [email protected] Page and Group.

No offensive posts or links, keep them safe for work.

No flame wars or harmful trolling.

No posting of links to anime streams, manga readers, scanlations, or places where you can download or torrent either.

No posts advertising the sharing of anime or manga.

Do not post images (screenshots) of your HDD contents or list what files you possess.

Do not spam comments or hi-jack posts. Official posts are meant mainly for questions and responses. Move conversations not pertaining to the original post to personal walls or Facebook Chat.

Do not invite the [email protected] group to events which are not official club events.

Only [email protected] admins/execs are permitted to create events via the group page. If members wish to advertise events through the group they must be approved by an exec.

[email protected] Execs may remove posts deemed to breach rules, but not without giving notice to the original poster via direct message.

-If a person continually posts offensive posts/comments after being warned not to do so, they may be banned from the group.

-If anyone has any questions or problems, please contact Alex (President), Syksy (Vice President), or Heza (Secretary).

Announcement! No Weekly Events Next Week!

June 2, 2012, by , posted in News

Just a quick announcement. Since next week is the last week of the semester, no weekly events will be running!

We wish you the best of luck in your assignments and exams!