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Final Orientation Event: O-K!

February 26, 2013, by , posted in Events

Previous president at Karaoke

Oh~ We’re going to K! Karaoke, that is!

Date: Saturday, 9th March, 2013
Location: Mizuya Karaoke – 614 George Street
(Don’t know how to get there? Meet us at Town Hall steps at 1:45pm!)
Time: 2:00pm – 8:00pm, karaoke finishes around 5:00pm
Karaoke Cost: $15 per person for three hours, extra for any ordered food and drink
Facebook Event: Click me!

Old jokes aside (long story), as our final Orientation event for you this semester, we’ll be taking you all to Karaoke with our good friends at Mizuya!

Sing your heart out in any language of your choice (Japanese, Korean, English… it’s up to you to locate the song in the system though)! Have a great time, or enjoy looking like an idiot singing out with the rest of us! You don’t need to be able to sing well, you just have to want to have fun!

And after that, you can come join us for a filling dinner to replenish all of that spent energy!

Please note that, we will ONLY be counting those who click ‘Attending’ on Facebook when booking rooms, so if you want to attend the event, please hit ‘Attending’ before the 2nd of March to be counted. ‘Maybe’ will be assumed to be ‘Not Attending’. If you do not have Facebook, notify an exec that you will be attending and we will factor you in.

Contact no for the day:
Alex (President): 0416 250 844


July 21, 2012, by , posted in Events

You’ve been waiting for it and its FINALLY here! KARAOKEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! YEAAAAAAHH!!!!



As usual, karaoke will be at Mizuya on Saturday, July 28th from 3pm – 6pm. We’ll have 2 rooms, one Japanese and one English. After karaoke, we’ll be heading off to dinner. Location for dinner depends on numbers.

-Onwards with the details!!-

Location:  Mizuya – 614 George Street, down stairs

When: Saturday, July 28th

Time: 3pm – 6pm, dinner afterwards.

More info on our Facebook event here!

Final Orientation Event – (O)hhh K+E+I… We mean Karaoke!

March 4, 2012, by , posted in Events, Music, News

It has been a good run, but now we are reaching the last of our orientation events. But that won’t stop us (or me for that matter) going out with a bang of passionate, soul melting karaoke!

A graphic representation of karaoke~

Prepare yourself, for what can be considered the most intense( and insane…) event we have at [email protected] – K+E+I (Karaoke + Eat-out + Ice-cream).

Thrash out a tune – whatever the language may be – Jap, Eng, or anything in between. Have a great time or look like an idiot doing it (you know what I’ll be doing – all of the above, yes please!~).

Then we rest… and devour food, as we hang out and eat our fill at one of the many, many place to dine in the city.

Finally, we cool off… with ice cream towers? No, you have not read wrong. There will be ice cream after dinner, and there will be too much.

So come along and complete your initiation into [email protected]~ (mad: bad Alex bad! *Hits Alex again*)
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Karaoke + Eatout RPG VI – [email protected] Edition

January 2, 2012, by , posted in Events, News

-The Legend-

The fiends of Boredom and Gotznotingbetertodo are claiming countless victims, throwing the world as we know it into mildly relaxed CHAOS.

It has been said that on January 14th, warriors with a burning passion to sing will emerge and rid themselves and others of these imposing fiends at an event that would be known as K.

So come out of your homes and ensure that you make it to K. You are needed! Oh, and there is dinner too!


Doomsday: Saturday, 14th January, 2011
Mythical place of K: Mizuya Karaoke
Time of destruction: 2:00pm till around 5:00pm – Dinner after
Price to become warrior: $15 pp for 3 hours (food costs extra)

FaceBook Event Page

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Karaoke and Eatout

July 30, 2011, by , posted in Events

Is it bubbling up in your throat, your burning desire to beat out a few songs, free from shame or any other inhibitions? Come and make a fool of yourselves at one of [email protected]’s all too favourite past-times and staple events, because you can’t stop the music! Nobody can stop the music! It’s all about having fun! (Right?) If you don’t feel like singing, then come along anyway and watch other people make fools of themselves.

Afterwards, join us for dinner. Fill your stomach with Japanese food, drink some sake (if you’re overage) and have a chat with other club members!

Date: Saturday 6th August, 2011
Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Mizuya, Town Hall
Price (karaoke only): $15 for the 3 hour block

Don’t know where Mizuya is?

If you don’t know where Mizuya is, there will be a few of us meeting at the front Town Hall steps (facing Woolworths) at 1:45PM. For a general idea, however, Mizuya is across the road from the George St Cinemas, next to Galaxy World and close to McDonalds.

Please consult the [email protected] IRC if you have any concerns.

How to get to IRC:

Contact Numbers for the day
Clara Tse: 0432 951 661

Yes, that picture will never get old. It’s iconic.

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