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Music Monday – Christmas×Anime

December 21, 2015, by , posted in Music

Merry Christmas! One of everyone’s favourite part of this season is the music, and one of everyone’s favourite parts of anime is music. So I say this calls for a fusion – anime Christmas music! There are some real gems hidden in this oddly specific category. Some of you may remember I have a deep love for Mizuki Nana, and she kickstarted her career with a role in a very old PlayStation game, NOeL ~La Neige~ (it’s so old it’s only on Japanese Wikipedia!), and with that role came a character song – Merry X’mas ~Holy Night Vers.~

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[AnimeSydney] Christmas Party 2015 ⋆͛*͛ ͙͛(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭⋆͛*͛ ͙͛

October 20, 2015, by , posted in Events

When: Thursday 26th November, 2015
Time: 6pm – 11pm
Where: The Underground Bar, UTS
Dress: Cosplay, Christmas-themed, Smart-casual
Tickets: $15 presale (at club events or via exec), $25 at the door
Event Link: Facebook

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Ho ho ho and welcome to another Christmas with all your friends from AnimeSydney! We invite you to join us for a very merry time on the night of Thursday, the 26th of November, at The Underground Bar, situated at the University of Technology, Sydney. This event will be open and welcome to guests of all ages to attend, whether they’re a member or not, so please feel free to spread the word and bring all of your friends!

We’ve got a whole lot of events and activities planned to ensure all of you have the jolliest of times. Here’s a preview of a little of what we’ve got in store for you:

Make sure you get enough training in and have your team maxed out to sleigh the competition in our annual Smash Bros and Pokemon tournaments! We’ll also be running a whole plethora of other games throughout the night including TCG and boardgames, a variety of video games, as well as a range of other social games. Give it your all and do your best: we’ve got a whole sleighful of presents.. prizes to give away, so get competitive!

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Music Monday – It’s the season to be jolly

December 23, 2013, by , posted in Music

It’s the Christmas season and the big day itself is less than two days away. It’s time to get into the spirit with some Christmas carols, in none other than Japanese!

So many of you have grown up with Sailor Moon, so why not revisit her and her friends in this time of family and loving and possibly even nostalgia. I’m personally choosing to embed Ami Mizuno(‘s actress)’s rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’ (though they sure talk a lot in the middle of the song!), but feel free to pursue the entirety of the album this Christmas Day. Or eve, as you wish.

If you’re looking for something perhaps a bit less traditional but entirely classy though, there’s no one better to go to than Lisa Ono from this ‘Japanese Christmas Mix’ a kind soul has decided to put together. The name gives it away though, honestly! It’s a soothing and relaxing song that enhances that holiday spirit in a gentle way.

And, well, where would we be without Vocaloid, I suppose? Have a medley of a few of the traditionals again. These are old favourites, but they’re favourites all the same. From Carols in the Domain to Vocaloid, we’ll enjoy them every Christmas time — don’t let anyone stop you from doing so! If you want to.

If none of those suit your tastes and you feel like something silly though, this interesting AMV here could be to your tastes — coincidentally the first video that I looked at when I began this search for Japanese Christmas music. By coincidentally I mean… Um. ANYWAY — happy listening and happy holidays from us here at [email protected]!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2011, by , posted in Art

Merry Christmas from [email protected]!

Anime Christmas Party Cruise

October 18, 2005, by , posted in Events

When: Friday, December 2nd, 7pm-11pm
Where: Wharf 7, King Street Wharf
Cost: 50.00 for members, 60.00 for non members

For the first time ever, the anime clubs of Sydney have pooled their
Efforts to bring its members the official Anime Christmas Cruise 2005!!

To be held on Friday, 2nd December just as uni exams come to a close,
The cruise will be an anime club night of nights as we say goodbye to
Another university year and catch up for the last time with friends before they head off back home or on holidays for the Christmas/New Year break.

A full buffet dinner, games, dancing, a special Anime Christmas Cruise…
Cosplay Competition, night pretty lights along Sydney Harbour – who
Could ask for more after exams?!?

Want to know more? Then head on over to AnimeSydney

Tickets will be $50 per head for [email protected] members ONLY (member card must be shown as proof of membership) and $60 for non-members. There’s a limited number of tickets available so make sure you don’t wait too long to get your ticket!! They’ll be available for purchase at weekly screenings, as well as next Thursday (27th) 11am-3pm at Tower building concourse, and the Ghibli screening on November 2nd. If you can’t make those times, please e-mail Rebecca at [email protected] to arrange to get your tickets.