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Music Monday – Tell me why?

February 8, 2016, by , posted in Music

This weeks edition of Music Monday is brought to you by our very own Patrick Dunne, enjoy:

I recently found out that you guys have an anime music blog.

So when the Prez asked me if I wanted to write about music……about anime music. I couldn’t really care, but because I love you guys, I’m willing to give you a sloppily written Sunday hangover review about my journey into the heart of madness that is the world of anime music.

There is one song, that –only you Hipsters out there will get– that I love more then “Cruel Angel’s Thesis”.

And that song is…. (*Drum Roll*)

‘Tell Me Why’ -By the Penpals.

Look, There’s no secret that I’m the #1 fan of Berserk in Oceania.

But “Tell me why” is the worst OP for any franchise ever made. Particularly for a show that is a rad as ‘Berserk.’

For those of you who don’t know what a Berserk is, it is a 1997 slice of fantasy life anime adapted from Kentaro Miura’s 1989 critically acclaimed Manga. It follows a young man named gutz in a time of social upheaval as he explores the meaning of friendship, gets caught in comedic situations, and even finds love while all struggling against his own existential crises.


Berserk is like 90’s Naruto and One Piece, If you like these cartoons then you would love Berserk. But Berserk is better because

Mercenaries > Pirates> Ninja’s

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Music Monday – Knockin’ on the Golden Age

February 6, 2012, by , posted in Music

With all this new-fangled anime I think it’s about time to take Music Monday back to it’s roots… or at least to a period where music was a much more valuable asset to anime than it is today – where music would make a good series great and memorable. So I think it is more than appropriate to again give Yoko Kanno the spotlight (this being the umpteenth time) for her music that defined a period of anime that remains unparalleled and completely untouchable – all you composers – you Gotta Knock a Little Harder~

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