Exec Demon Hunt


The Executive Demons of UTS have teamed up with Muzan and are running rampant across Sydney 😨; now it’s up to the members of anime@uts to stop them! The demon slaying corp are recruiting hunters from the club and are offering massive prizes 💰 to the teams who can track down the most demons!!! It’s time to form a team of 2-3 elite hunters to track down these monsters and put their destructive rampage to an end!

The execs will be scattered across the city on the day, and starting from Building 11 you will have to find them. To help you on your way, they will give out clues throughout the day to help you track them down, but don’t expect this to be easy; the devilish exec demons will make sure to keep things cryptic if you expect to find them 😈. Rules, prizes and clues will be posted days leading up to the event!

⚔️ When: Saturday 18th of March, 11am - 4pm
⚔️ Where: Meet at the entrance of Building 11 for mission brief
⚔️ What to bring:
- Water
- Phone/Power Bank (Clues will be posted on discord)
- Food/Money (Lunch time will be provided where members can purchase food)
- 2 Friends! (If you do not have a team, do not worry! We will sort everyone into teams)
⚔️ Sign-up Link: https://forms.gle/Ngvzmm1cFc5sA1WP9

Mar 18th, 2023
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Week 4
Meet at the entrance of Building 11 for mission brief