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Music Monday – Are you derp enough?

June 4, 2012, by , posted in Music

Well, since it’s nearing the end of the semester and since everyone’s in crunchtime studying mode, we might as well review what we’ve learnt so far in our exciting misadventures through our prolonged study of post-contemporary Japanese audiovisual culture.

The quiz will consist of short answer and multiple choice questions.  Post your answers below! This will be 80% of your total grade, so please, try your best.

Question 1. (10 marks)

Comprehensively list all the differences in this altered K-On opening, compared to the original.

Question 2. (3 marks)

What colour is Keitarou’s shirt in Love Hina when Narusegawa hits him out of the park for a homerun for the first time?

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Music Monday

March 26, 2012, by , posted in Features, Music

A little while ago, I happened to stumble across this lovely all-girl jazz band  on youtube. Called ‘Tokyo Brass Style’, their soft jazz covers of famous anime songs are delightfully fluffy and fun to listen to! On the other hand, for some songs, I felt that their musical arrangement seemed to slip dangerously close to elevator-quality muzak, but that’s probably because of my unfamiliarity with jazz music in general.

Here’s their cover of Gurren Lagann’s Sorairo Days. As one commenter noted, the imagery of a “1970’s Gurren Lagann!!! Kamina and Simon with DEM SIDEBURNS!’ is extra awesome.

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Music Monday

August 15, 2011, by , posted in Features

A friend recently recommended Stein’s Gate to me, and I daresay I’ve been immensely enjoying it so far. It’s about a group of uni students who somehow manage to turn a microwave into a remote-controlled time travelling device, with which they have fun adventures and shenanigans, whereupon they also then get chased around by a secret government research agency who are doing the similar things but are (probably) just very jelly of being outsmarted by a bunch of kids and want to do nasty, harmful things to said kids.

The OP is a bit of light, eclectic musical fun featuring the profilic Kanako Itou to a bouncy electro-pop soundtrack. In my humble opinion, it’s ultimately not that remarkable as it sounds too much like most other anime OPs I’ve listened to.

Music Monday

July 4, 2011, by , posted in Features

Having almost never listened to heavy metal, when someone told me about these metal covers of famous Studio Ghibli soundtrack pieces I was intrigued to find out what they sounded like.

I’ve watched Laputa: Castle in the Sky countless times since I was a little boy, and since then, I’ve always loved Joe Hisaishi’s theme song, Kimi wo Nosete . So upon hearing such a beloved piece of anime music to be so changed into such a radically different style, I wasn’t sure whether I liked it or hated it.

Here’s the original. More to come after the jump.

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Music Monday – Magnet [Clear x Dasoku]

February 28, 2011, by , posted in Music

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all coping well with your first day of uni! Or for most of us, probably your first week back! :D

Since we have our first official karaoke of the year coming up on this Saturday 5th March (, I thought it would be prudent to post a wonderful duet featuring the talents of Clear and Dasoku, two vocalists from the renowned Japanese video site, NicoNicoDouga.

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