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Music ‘Well It’s Wednesday’

October 2, 2013, by , posted in Music


After a long hiatus, I somehow find myself strangely and tragically dragged back into the service of writing pieces of modern musical culture for this club. Instead of talking about how my world is imploding due to it being my final week of service to [email protected] as its president, I would rather talk about ‘the music’ a little more.

Life and music are not that dissimilar; both follow a rhythm (or appear not to) which throws us highs and lows along with the unpredictable to produce a rich assortment of experiences. Every so often you find ‘that song’ which acts as the epitome of such an idea, either reflecting your hectic life that is now behind you or that you currently face. As for me, I found that very song a little while back and it is still very much relevant.

Being no other than Allegro Cantabile (literally ‘lively’ and ‘songlike’ respectfully), the very frantic (but incredibility appropriate) opening for Nodame Cantabile; how could one expect any less. The vocals and piano by Suemitsu Atsushi really help to establish the feel series, not simply due to the musical aspect that is obviously one of the main components, but how he defines the characters through his music as well.

The title of the song is more or less a reference to how Megumi Noda (the main character better known as Nodame) plays, and it truly feels like she plays it with the unique style she is renowned for. Despite the occasional drum set that maintains the beat and tone, the piano takes assumes control of the piece, jumping into the foreground and becomes somewhat unrelenting, but in a way that it wisps you into the mix and doesn’t let you go. It is a pianist going at full speed and enjoying everything second of it. Of course it is not Nodame playing, but it would be hard to tell with the way Suemitsu takes on the character, and it comes through in a most resounding way.


It is clear the piano is important to both the series itself and the music that it embodies, but Suemitsu plays two parts in this song, and the vocals he uses act as the voice of a frantic musician caught up in their world; tripping up and over everything. The vocals and piano weave together, building upon each other to a great intensity. It is very much speaking with two voices, providing a depth that should be listened to carefully so that nothing is missed.

Altogether this song has acted as the perfect backdrop to which I’ve seen my university life unfold and I could ask for little more than for what it has done for me – make me hop in my step and bop with my head, to keep me going on every step of my journey… But this is just my view of things and I’m sure we all have something that represents our time here or there. Then again, this is me we are talking about here, so crazy misinterpretations are guaranteed and rants are a must.

So cue, cue I say, cue One Life by The Pillows as the inappropriate intro that I have been dying to use since forever… but I’m held by my legally binding presidential contract to provide more meaningful closure. So, I give everyone Nanairo by Jazztronik, a piece that always made me dream of the future and what it can bring. I thank everyone for the opportunity I was given to lead [email protected] and meet all the people I did.


Music Monday – Why you in English?!

July 30, 2012, by , posted in Features, Music

It can’t be done -slams hands on the table- the last Music Monday was just to good, it was just a piece of writing so good that it is impossible to write another piece to follow it (being modest as per usual). However, it must be done. Music Monday will not die, I WILL NOT LET IT DIE. So. Here I am again, going to write the unwritable, just for your amusement. Enjoy~ … wait… what? Talent for Love?

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[email protected] Facebook Posting Rules

July 24, 2012, by , posted in Admin, News

To better maintain our Facebook pages, we have developed a set of rules outlining how members can post. They are as follows:

The following rules apply to both the Facebook [email protected] Page and Group.

No offensive posts or links, keep them safe for work.

No flame wars or harmful trolling.

No posting of links to anime streams, manga readers, scanlations, or places where you can download or torrent either.

No posts advertising the sharing of anime or manga.

Do not post images (screenshots) of your HDD contents or list what files you possess.

Do not spam comments or hi-jack posts. Official posts are meant mainly for questions and responses. Move conversations not pertaining to the original post to personal walls or Facebook Chat.

Do not invite the [email protected] group to events which are not official club events.

Only [email protected] admins/execs are permitted to create events via the group page. If members wish to advertise events through the group they must be approved by an exec.

[email protected] Execs may remove posts deemed to breach rules, but not without giving notice to the original poster via direct message.

-If a person continually posts offensive posts/comments after being warned not to do so, they may be banned from the group.

-If anyone has any questions or problems, please contact Alex (President), Syksy (Vice President), or Heza (Secretary).

Music Monday – One More Time

, by , posted in Features, Music

Now THIS is a surprise… I am ACTUALLY writing. -sigh- I get thawed out and think that I have some type of greater purpose, only to find my single use is writing Music Monday… Well, we are all here for a reason, so mine must be to make MM the best damn anime music spiel (self-indulgent writing) it can be! Well first off I think some proper music might be in order. We’ve had too many OPs and EDs, enough jazz to make even the biggest hater a fanatic, and we’ve had all kinds of music from nearly every artist and composer (Yoko Kanno, Yoko Kanno, and Yoko Kanno). But I think it is about time we really shake things up, get to the good stuff that clearly no one else remembers. So I give you – Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem and Daft Punk’s One More Time and Aerodynamic… all in one package, talk about value.

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Music Muda Muna-Wryyyyy

July 16, 2012, by , posted in Features, Music

“Releasing subject #101, codename ‘Alice’, out of cold storage.”

“Temperature normalizing. Heartbeat regulating.”

“Welcome back, Mr. President~”
-Yawnnnnn- Oh geez, THIS is what you people wake me up for… Fine. If no one else can pull it off probably best for me to take charge. Welcome to another Music Monday, I hope you are prepared.

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