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Next Screenings Director – Part 4 (Final)

September 20, 2015, by , posted in Blog

I mean, I know I said this’d be out on Wednesday – but then my laptop died… BUT ANYWAY. The final part of the ramblings of a soon-to-be ex-screenings-director. For a quick recap, here’s this:
Part 1 – Screenings doesn’t have to be a big burden on your schedule, there are people there to help!
Part 2 – Getting people to come to screenings and how to (not) satisfy your audience~
Part 3 – How to be a screenings director without knowing (m)any anime, and why that’s okay!

For this final part, I’m going to be making it a little more personal. What do I hope for in a screenings director?

Let me start off with what you need:
– You’ll need anime to screen. That’s probably the easiest part though – hard drives are cheap and I can give you a whole bunch of stuff that I have to help you start off.
– You’ll need a VGA enabled laptop – 90% of the rooms that you’ll for weekly events will be VGA only. You CAN bring screenings on a USB and use the uni computers each week, but for special events a uni computer may not be available.
– You’ll need to be free twice a week. I know I said people can help, and they can; but if you’re full time uni, and working, and you only have 2 hours free a week – reconsider. People will help you if you need a week off or something, but you can’t abandon your position halfway through.
– You’ll need to be punctual. Arrive to your screenings on time, I’ve been late once or twice – but don’t make it a habit. Also, book your rooms as soon as possible. Early bookings = better rooms.
– English Subs, not Dubs. The majority of people in the club prefer and expect subs at screening. It’s just the way it is. I try and balance it out by having a semesterly “English Dub Special Screening”, which is generally a pretty fun time.

Now what do I want our next screenings director to be?

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Next Screenings Director – Part 3

September 9, 2015, by , posted in Blog

Hi Again!~ Good to see that no one… has posted… on the website again… hmm. Well, on to part 3 of trying to convince you to become screenings director!

Let’s start out with something that lots of people have said to me when I ask them if they want to run: “I haven’t watched enough anime”. I’ll tell you now – you don’t need to! While a decent grounding in anime would definitely be useful, having watched a hundred series is definitely not necessary to be a screenings director. Out of the 120 anime I’ve screened this year, I have watched 58 of them – most of which are 12 episodes or less. NOW I know that sounds like a lot, but here’s the thing: Less than 20 of those I had seen before I became screenings director; and less than half of that I saw before joining the club (back in 2013).

Oh yes, I’ll admit it now! Before becoming screenings director, I was a scrub! My anime street-cred was through the floor! I hadn’t watched any anime made before 1995 (I know, hold back the urge to throw up, I’m disgusted as well). So what changed? Well, first I went to screenings! Not my own, mind you, but the ones by the screenings director before me! There I was introduced to a plethora of new shows that I had never seen or heard of  before. The ones I liked, I noted down their titles to look them up later. Those that looked promising, I watched!

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Next Screenings Director – Part 2

August 24, 2015, by , posted in Blog

For those who didn’t read the last post – here’s the brief: Blah blah last semester as directer, blah blah seeming lack of people applying to role blah. Blah Encouragement blah tips blah blah change your mind! — Great! Just scroll down the page to read all of part 1 (Seeing that no one seems to post here </3 ) And let’s get into it! Part 2 – more bad stuff (But why that’s okay!).

University students and anime watchers are fickle creatures, so anime-watching university students are hard to please! So let’s talk about two things: Getting these mystical creatures to come to screenings, and how you can never please them!

So, first off, you can never really get a hold of how many people will come to screenings – and it will never be a constant amount for the entire semester. In my first semester I had several screenings that were empty for the first 40 or so minutes, and many more where there was seldom more than 2 people showing up! Meanwhile, the first screening of the semester had the room literally overflowing! Then the first semester of this year (2015) had a first Monday screenings of over 49 people showing up (I counted) – and then the rest of the screenings had a constant amount of around 10-15 people. What changed? Well – First semester last year was in building 5, and first semester this year was in building 11! Even though the walk is just an extra 5-10 minutes or something (I’m a fast walker), that distance was deemed too far! So tip no.1 – try and get a screening room within the main cluster of buildings.

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Next Screenings Director – Part 1

August 10, 2015, by , posted in Blog

As second semester, and my last semester as screenings director has begun – if feels as if it is time for this sort of post. It’s going to be long, so I’m going to split up into slightly more digestible chunks (I’m a long form writer, sadly, so summing up things in a concise way is not my specialty)

The short of it is this – an anime club needs to screen anime, and the poor person that has to put in those hours for weekly events is the screenings director (i.e. Me at the moment). However, if the last four elections have been any indication, it doesn’t seem like many people want to run for the screenings director position! So, hopefully, with this post, maybe a few of you will begin to think that you may want to run for screenings director for 2016!

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Screenings in 2014

November 25, 2014, by , posted in Blog

Yush! This post is long overdue~

Yup, it’s me Frank– your friendly neighbourhood screenings director <3 and this is my post about this year’s screenings (as well as plans for next year!).

First of all – thank you to all of you that came to screenings this year! It was wonderful seeing you, even if it was only for a single screening~ I’ve met some wonderful people and even made some new friends from those that have turned up to screenings. If people didn’t come to screenings, well, I’d probably be a very sad screenings director~ So I’m glad lots of you did (even during assessment periods!). What I’ve personally enjoyed the most about my first year as screenings director is when I show an anime and someone says “Oh hey, that looks good! I’ll probably watch it” and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside~ <3

But now down to the facts – How did I run screenings this year? Well, for those that didn’t come – this is how it went:

Monday (First semester)/Tuesday (Second Semester) screening – The original plan was to bring in a bunch of anime and have the people there decide, but then everyone was really non-committal about choices – so it was changed to putting a WHOLE LOT of anime into a playlist and setting it to shuffle~ Later on when the new season started, we watched the most recent episode of a new season of anime (First Stardust Crusaders, Zankyou no Terror, then Unlimited Blade Works), then let the playlist shuffle from there.

Friday screenings – Friday screenings were pretty constant. At (almost) every screening I passed around a suggestions sheet which people could fill in. Then I would base Friday’s screening off of the suggestions! Obviously I was limited to what anime I had available, and sometimes people would suggest things that I didn’t feel comfortable screening – so not everything suggested was shown. Oh, and please, no more Boku no Pico suggestions. They’re not funny anymore. :P

Above all, I tried my best to try and show a whole lot of stuff so that there was something there for everybody. From Mecha to Yaoi, from action to romance, from old to new, from Shaft to moe. Not saying that my own personal tastes didn’t affect screenings – I’m sure the amount of Gintama shown made that obvious! :D

Anime 2014

Either way, as of writing I’m planning to run 2015’s screenings in a similar way – Monday screenings having the same ‘follow a new anime, do the shuffle’, and Friday being based off of your suggestions. If anything is to change, it’ll probably be that I’ll bring food in every now and again (though if we leave a mess in any of the rooms, that’ll stop very very quickly). But hey, I’m not a screenings director for myself, but for club members, so if you have any suggestions feel free to pass them my way and I’ll take them into consideration!

Whelp, first post on the new website complete, probably of many more to come~ I’ll see you all next year! じゃぁね~