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White Day! (with bonus recipe!)

March 8, 2015, by , posted in Blog

Valentine’s Day is extremely prominent in anime and valentines day episodes pretty much follow a set progression.

  1. Attempt to make chocolate. Said attempt may be inedible.
  2. Agonize about the giving of chocolate.  This may be because said attempt was inedible.
  3. Through a series of contrivances, somehow manage to give chocolate to object of affections.
  4. Hopefully win the heart of senpai.

It’s a pretty common pattern and we’re all familiar with it. However, are you just as familiar with the counterpart of Valentine’s Day – White Day?

White Day is on March 14. It’s a time for people to return the favor if they’ve received chocolates on Valentine’s Day. This is usually done with candy though other gifts can be given! Is it a blatant corporate holiday? Why yes it is!

If you’ve happened to receive chocolates for Valentines Day, why not repay the favor? Click the read more for an easy recipe you can make yourself (and for Valentine’s Day while we’re at it).
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Event Recap! 2013/2014

October 25, 2014, by , posted in Events, Out and About

This is Adasifs speaking. Whoop, whoop, whoop, we’ve had a lot of events going on this year! Didn’t get to attend one? Here’s a video recap of all the events held before the 2014 AGM!

Thanks for joining us at our events!

Want a slightly more detailed recap? Just click the “read more!”

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AGM 2014 Results

October 16, 2014, by , posted in Admin, News


On October 1st [email protected] held the 2014 AGM! Many of you attended and it was a day of elections, exhaustion, pizza and an ice cream cake success. Thank you all for sticking with us through those arduous five hours!

Please thank the 2013 exec team for running [email protected]!

2014 Execs Absent: Chloe Wong, Eun Hye Grace Yoon, Meig Bu, Photo taken by Chris Kuan

And now welcome your new rulers for 2014!

2015 Execs

President: Baek (welcome back glorious overlord)
Vice President: Ravi
Treasurer: Jonazs P
Secretary: Selena L
Events: Cindy
Co-Events: Lester
Publicity Officer: Jonathan T
Screenings Director: Frank E
Communications Officer: Vivian C
Club Relations: Daniel W
Art Director: Danica C
Art Director: Benjamin C
Merchandise Director: Jeffrey C
Photographer: Venh H
Webmaster: Vadim B

If you didn’t attend or simply want to relieve all those precious memories, here’s a log of the live tweet commentary that Andrew.C of AnimeSydney typed up for us on the day!

More photos available on out Flickr

Bad Anime Spotlight – The Cosmopolitan Prayers

May 30, 2014, by , posted in Blog

I said I’ll try to post here on a weekly basis but hah! That was like a massive lie.  There are many subject matters I want to write about but frankly they’re things I don’t want associated with my username. Just seek me out in real life and I’ll talk about it. Anyway, I’ll write an opinion piece I guess.

One of my hobbies is bad anime. When I go “bad anime”, I don’t mean anime I view as subjectively bad. After all, just because I may not like the plot, over-moe, fan service, characterization and such of an anime, it doesn’t mean it’s bad.This sporadic writing piece isn’t about that.  This isn’t about the common complaint that “anime was much better in the (decade of your choice)” either. Bad Anime Spotlight will be about anime that is so bad that the majority of the internet can’t help but agree that it’s bad.

First one on the list is Cosprayers. 


What is Cosprayers?  “The Cosmopolitan Prayers” (informally called “Cosprayers”) was a 2004 anime produced by Imagin and Studio Live and directed by Takeo Takahashi. It ran for 8 episodes that lasted for 13 minutes and is part of a distantly related trilogy with Hit o Nerae! (the main character is the in-universe producer of Cosprayers) and Love Live? (the main character is the in-universe writer of Cosprayers).

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History That – Danbo!

May 16, 2014, by , posted in History

So like, I haven’t been posting because assignments have been killing me, just like they have been killing all of us. Also the tiny little fact I would have written about a kinda infamous 1987 tentacle porn and it’s rise to infamy. Maybe I’ll write about it later. However, I will write about something that is actually relevant to the club for once.


We’re building a giant Danbo tomorrow! Now what is Danbo?

Danbo was actually a character’s costume.

In the manga Yotsuba&, one of the younger characters creates a robot costume out of cardboard for her school project. Yotsuba is only four and she becomes convinced that Danbo is an actual working robot. And that’s about it really.

Sorry about the short post but good luck on all your assignments!