Monthly Newsletter – October Edition

Okay so this is late and September just didn’t happen for us but hey we’re here now! Exams are destroying my soul as I’ve been obsessively playing Touhou studying but probably yours too so let’s not talk about that~

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We have a new(ish) exec team! The roles are:

President: Madeline O’Connor (again)

Vice President: Jamie Cummings (promotion!)

Secretary: Daniel Selmes (again)

Treasurer: Hin Zee (again)

Events Directors: Anh Vu and Andrew Tan Tze Yeong (hey look an actual new person)

Publicity and Communications Officer: lol still me sucked in

Webmaster: Kane Yang

Arts Directors: Bit Bit and Tabatha Roberts (lol what another new person :O)

Merchandise Director: Samuel Handaya (wow three new people setting records here folks)

Screenings Director: Chris Monaghan

Photographers: Ton Cao and the ancient one Vadim Brodsky

Generals: James Yi Zhu (top anime betrayal of 2017) and Steven Nguyen

A big welcome to all our new people and thanks to those who attended the AGM~

There have been a number of quite large announcements in the past few days – Kimi ga Inai Machi (Erased) is getting a live action adaptation produced by Netflix, and, much to my own extreme pleasure, Free! is somehow getting a season 3. I honestly don’t know what they’re going to do with it but do I care? No. That said, I would have been quite happy for them to have left it at Eternal Summer, everything was really high quality up to that point – Starting Days was good and I’m yet to see Timeless Medley, but I worry there’s not going to be enough to spin out good quality content the whole time – they’re officially out of light novel to adapt, if I’m not mistaken, so all bets are off now. We’ve all been burned before~

Also this isn’t really news considering it comes out in like 4 days but there is also a movie of the godforsaken musical trash heap Dance with Devils and I cannot hide my excitement. The show was soooooo bad how did it possibly qualify for a movie I don’t even know anymore. Sorry, just needed to get that off my chest.

ALSO the first of the Fate: stay\night – Heaven’s Feel movies, presage flower, has an official cinematic release in Australia – tbh I wasn’t really expecting that at all! Is the 16th of November a good time for y’all because I wanna hit this shit up on the ~big screen~ (ever since that Eva marathon I’ve lowkey been addicted to anime in a cinema which we may be able to negotiate with a new sponsor soon shh)

Now onto our events~


WHEN: December 1st, 5-10:30pm
WHERE: UTS Underground
WHAT:  This year AnimeSydney has brought you some amazing events, but to top it off we are bringing you the BIGGEST. BEST. MOST SUGOI. event we have EVER had. It is time to rock out at our AnimeSydney Christmas Band Party!!! The line up is amazing and includes one of the coolest new and upcoming anime cover bands: WASABI GALAXY. Not to mention we will be having some EPIC activities. We are talking about MARIOKART COMPETITIONS, FESTIVAL GAMES, ANIME TRIVIA, COSPLAY, AND SOOOOO MANY PRIZES TO WIN~~~

Unfortunetely we do have a limit on capacity so you will have to purchase your tickets FAST. Pre-sale tickets can be purchased for $20. For your ease, we have made this event’s tickets online~ All you have to do to purchase your tickets is to fill out this form:

And then send your payment to:

Account Name: ANIME UTS
Account Number: 1015 4520
BSB: 062 392

Once we receive your payment we will send you a confirmation email that means Your Name has been added to our entry list. Tickets will be available at the door for a higher price until capacity is reached.

Check out the FB Event!

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As a welcome to our new execs they have reviewed their favourite manga/anime for us~

Samuel the Merch Director – Sword Art Online

A rather controversal choice for my favorite anime, no? The Sword Art Online series illustrates a vivid introspection of the effects that virtual reality has on the human condition, amongst with the themes of intimacy and perserverance. I would strongly urge you to ignore the current zeitgeist of pseudo intellectual critics and to watch it soley on the show itself. And if you enjoy the anime, I strongly recomend reading the light novel which is marginally superior to the show which puts ephasis of Kirito’s self reflection. Also my waifu Asuna ❤

Andrew the Events Director – Grand Blue

No, it does not have to do anything with GranBlue Fantasy. IT IS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF GRANBLUE FANTASY! Grand Blue (Grand Blue Dreaming) features main boy Iori as he starts his new life in university! He moves into his uncle’s diving store “Grand Blue”. He meets hot cousins, naked men and did I mention that this manga also involves lots of alcohol? It’s not very often that I come across a manga that makes me literally laugh out loud. What really gets me going is the overly depicted expressions and just how hilariously dumb this manga is. TLDR: Typical college life. 10/10 would dive for manga.  

And that’s it for this week! Stay tuned for more next month~

Fudanshi extraordinaire,