[Anime@UTS] Monthly Newsletter – May Edition

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Hello fellow anime fans! How’re y’alls going? Despite the finals which are coming up, there are still tons of unwatched anime out there so make sure you work those procrastination skills to the core! Or drop by our weekly Screenings to catch up on all those new anime series coming out this season ;D (Just kidding, anime@UTS is not responsible for any marks lost from lack of studying)


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If you’re a fan of Osomatsu-san or Mr. Osomatsu, good news! You can now get your face caricatured into the anime’s unique style using this Matsu-maker! Japanese Twitter users seem to be going crazy over this!
What happens when you put Sanrio and bishonen together? Apparently, this. And it’s gorgeous. This Sanrio Danshi project consists of personified gender-bended versions of our favourite Sanrio characters, including Hello Kitty and Cinnamonroll. There’s also a sneak-preview of it here!

WHENTuesday, June 7 at 6 PM
WHERE: The Underground UTS
WHAT: Do you know the exact population of Japan? Or how many times Naruto has shouted Sasuke’s name and been ignored? (Hint: very similar number) No? Well start studying because it’s TRIVIA TIME!
COST: $15 for a single ticket, or if you register as a group of 4 it costs $50

[anime@UTS] End of Semester Dinner! :D
WHEN: Sunday, 3 April
WHERE: Dae Jang Kum (35 Goulburn Street, Sydney)
WHAT: Its finally nearing the busy end of the semester, so why not have some time out from studying and forget about your worries with some delicious KBBQ and drinks (For a while at least).
COST: Pay for what you order :)

Monday Screenings
WHEN: 3-6pm
WHERE: Theatre Lounge (Building 1 Lvl 3)

Wednesday Art Class
WHEN: 3-6pm
WHERE: CB2.5.23

Thursday Screenings
WHEN: 5-7:30pm
WHERE: CB2.5.32

Friday Fun & Games
WHEN: 2-6pm
WHERE: CB2.4.23

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We are currently looking for some fan art to feature on our newsletters. Feel free to submit your lovely anime-related drawings to get it displayed on our newsletter (tentacles are not a prerequisite, but are preferred)! Talk to one of our friendly execs in person or through our Facebook page for more information!


That’s it for this month folks,
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