Music Monday – One Piece

One Piece is long. So long that it has had a total of 18 opening songs. Today i bring you my personal favorite; One Day by The ROOTLESS. It’s the 13th opening and in my opinion, the best.

The opening is a wonderful tribute to the Marineford arc and shows Luffy looking for then running towards his brother, Ace. It also features alot of characters that take part in the war. So really, it shows all the awesome characters in the anime we love, as well as the ones we hate.

To list (only a few) the characters included; Luffy, Ace, the Mugiwaras, Whitebeard, Marco, Rayleigh, Shanks, Crocodile, Mr.3, Buggy, Ivankov, the Worst Generation, Blackbeard pirates, Garp, Coby, the Admirals, Kuma, Doflamingo, Moriah, Smoker. SERIOUSLY ALOT.

One Piece openings tend to be pretty fun and crazy but this one is more of a serious song, reflecting the Marineford Arc of the anime (R.I.P Ace /cry) The awesome guitar, strong n’ steady beat combined with a rockin’ voice make this song an epic choice for blasting on your stereo and makes it one of my favorite openings of all time.

– Maddy