Music Monday – White Album

Those of you who like visual novels may have heard of White Album. Those of you who like music anime may have heard of it also. Featuring idols as heavily as it does, it of course has some pretty top-notch music. But some of my personal favourites managed to miss out on the fame, so here we are. First up, the opening of the first season of the anime: Shin Ai by Mizuki Nana.

So this is hands-down my favourite song in all of ever. Nana-chan is also my personal favourite singer, so you’ll be seeing lots of her whenever I handle these segments (even more impressive, she also voices on the lead characters in the show/game: Ogata Rina). I can’t get over the expression in the lyrics and the singing, and the dynamic yet melancholy instrumentation works in with it so beautifully. I’ve sung this song in concerts before, and even with my shonky rendition non-Japanese speakers in the audience were floored by the sheer emotion in the music. Glory to Nana-chan!

Now I’m done fangirling, next is Ogata Rina’s insert song: Sound of Destiny by Mizuki Nana (again).

Okay, so I’m not done fangirling. But she’s pretty good, right? I mean, to turn around from a song as emotional as Shin Ai and then pull out a cute and upbeat song like this like it’s nothing… just try not to dance, I dare you.

So the moral of the story is you need more Mizuki Nana in your life. She’s also a pretty famous voice actress, so you probably already know her – from roles like Lan Fan from FMAB or Hoshina Utau from Shugo Chara! She tends to get a song for most characters she voices, so keep an eye out.