Revival of Music Mondays – The Perfect Insider

What is this?! anime@UTS is reviving music Mondays! This unheard of. Hide your kids, hide your wife….

Music Monday has been an anime club tradition ever since its conception in 2010 and it went on strong until the last one in February 2014. With the new execs all settled in and are ready to take the club to the next level, I think it would be an adequate time to bring back a part of the club that was lost in the past years.

To kick it off I bring you a rather new anime, coming out this season (Fall 2015) called Subete ga F ni Naru – The Perfect Insider. It is mystery genre anime, which is rather rare to find these days, made by NotaminA. That alone should get you hyped up. Animation is top notch and so far (we are in week 3 now) we have absolutely no idea what the show is about, isn’t that great. But it is definitely a candidate for AOTS. For this Music Monday I would like to put up both the OP and ED of the show, as they are both rather unique and have catchy songs.

First the OP – it starts of by showing us the three main characters and then switches art styles to a more artistic, sketched up, direction. We can see the interactions of the main cast, as well as get an idea of their relationships. The song itself preformed by KANA-BOON is very lively, and with its fast tempo, it is inviting us to dance just like the characters on screen. I doubt I would ever want to skip this OP as both the visuals and music are pleasant and prepare the viewer for the episode well.

 The theme of the ED is based on the motive of the show – programming. You can see it clearly with CPUs, Windows 95 style menus and icons, as well as pixels, transistors and other computer related stuff. And the song is rather soothing, which is really needed after watching 20 minutes of mind games, flashbacks and life philosophy.

If you are into the mystery genre, or are just interested in watching something non-mainstream this season, I would highly recommend this show.