End Of Semester Dinner


The semester is nearly over once again – and to celebrate, we’re all going to get a delicious dinner to strengthen our bonds and revel in our weeb brilliance~

Meet us there slightly early so we can get seated, or if you’re not confident getting there on your own power, meet me at the UTS Library at 5:30 and we’ll all go as a team =D

Please please PLEASE only click attending if you’re actually coming, and try and avoid this tsundere “maybe” business kthx♥(also please be pretty snappy about it, bookings will be made on the 23rd THAT’S NEXT FRIDAY PEOPLE GET ON IT)

When: 6pm on Sunday 8th November 2015
Where: Di Wang Taiwanese Hotpot
Cost: That depends on how much of a glutton you are, but pack $20 minimum
Contact: Matt Saunders on 0439201531
Event: Facebook

Come and join us for a night of fun, friends and hotpots~