Weekly events should hopefully start to get more normal here on in. As a recap, here’s the events we have, this post to be updated with more information once we hear back from the university itself!

Weekly Events

Monday Screenings
4PM – 6PM
Room TBA

Fun and Games
3PM – 6PM (dinner afterwards optional)
UTS Concourse (Tower Building/Building 1)

Friday Screenings
3PM – 6PM
Room CM05D.01.14
* Due to circumstances outside of our control

And one more Orientation Event for you!

Orientation Karaoke

What: Singing and making a fool of yourselves
When: March 8 2014
Where: Big Echo Karaoke
Why: It’s a whole heap of fun~
How: Open your pie hole ;)
LINK: [Anime@UTS] O-Karaoke! ♪