Weekly Events

Hello and welcome to Week 1 of university~ Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Orientation Day Welcome Picnic over the weekend! It was so very awesome to see all of you – biggest turnout ever! Give yourselves all a pat on the back~

It’s tough trying to integrate (back) into university life, so we have some events for you to ease your pains and get to hang out with your new (or old) friends again. (( ∧皿∧ ))イシシ

Second Orientation Event: ArtJam

Who: You and the rest of yous
What: Orientation ArtJam
When: 11AM – 6PM
Where: Sandpit, Block A Level 1 (click to see map)
How: With all the stationery
Link: Face-booking you to our events

Weekly Events

These will become more regular as of Week 2 — we’re still only just picking up momentum, so please read our updates! (´∇`;)アハハッ

Wednesday (26/02)
What: Fun and Games
Where: The Concourse, UTS Tower (Building 1)
When: 3PM – 6PM

Friday (28/02)
What: Screening
Where: CM05D.01.14 ** ROOM IS FOR THIS WEEK ONLY**
When: 3PM – 6PM

**Monday Screenings start Week 2!**
Monday (03/02)
What: Screening
Where: CM05D.01.22. ← This room for Week 2 ONLY, but may be changed closer to the date.
When: 4PM – 6PM

Be there, or be a square~(・з・)