Music Monday – Across the seas

If you’re sensing a common thread to these posts, you’re not wrong, since I can’t sew well so it unravels all over the place. But all bad jokes aside, we get back into the similar vein of foreign artists today, yet we’re not looking at yet more Asian artists today at all. Who? British Bands? Not quite. I guess you could call them the foreigners who are just so good at being Asian!

Okay, that’s not nice, so let’s just cut to the music before I embarrass myself further.

Asu e no Kizuna used as the opening theme for Valkyria Chronicles was probably the first time I’d heard of HIMEKA, and I had no idea at the time she was a French Canadian from Canada (where else was I going to say?), and didn’t have a single drop of Japanese blood in her at all (if it worked that way), nor had she grown up in Japan. In fact, she had only moved there recently to pursue a singing career. To me, she sounded like basically any other Japanese artist, though her versatile voice was certainly noticable. Many have written off her successes as her being a ‘halfu’, such as BENI I mentioned two weeks ago, but that’s not the case at all.

HIMEKA definitely has a good voice, but I think she also has a bias for certain kinds of songs though in my opinion she is singing the kind of songs that best suit her voice also. Or her image? In any case, perhaps it was the recording, or the night, but one live cover of God Knows on-stage… let’s say I’m not a fan of it at all — but what do I know? I’m not a professional singer.

Hatenaki Michi used as the ED for Tegami Bachi is perhaps the better known one of her songs. And for a good reason, I looped it for ages after – it has a depth of emotion that really captures you. It’s a delight to listen to.

I can say that I like HIMEKA’s original works, but HIMEKA has also released covers of others’ music over the years. She does a splendid job of them, sometimes she is even praised at doing a better job than the original artist of evoking feeling. Yet it seems such moves on her part have also stemmed some backlash for her in Japan. Likely just for her ethnicity.

Hang in there, HIMEKA!

Oh yeah, and I also wrote about another foreigner who struck big in Japan called YOHIO on my blog if you were interested. Quite a pretty gir–I mean, guy.