Reminder: AGM on October 5! What club positions are there?


A reminder to all that the AGM is coming up on October 5! This is your chance to review [email protected] over the last year, propose changes to the club, and elect the executive team for the 2013-14 period, but at the same time it’s much more than that!

To join the [email protected] AGM’s Facebook event, click here! The location is CM05C.01.29!

We hope to see you there!

Want to know what position you can go for?

We’ve compiled a handy list of positions and what they entail!

The figurehead of the club and leader of the exec team. You establish the direction of the club through your decisions… and you will be forever busy. Must have been an exec for at least one year.
As the President’s right hand wo/man, you’re tasked with supporting the president in the good and bad times… or if the president is KIA. You take the reins and you lead the execs when the president cannot, otherwise act as the second-in-command when there is too much to handle.
Known as ‘The Information Source’ of the club, you act as the communication link between exec and members. We hope you like minute taking and harassing the president regarding dates.
The income source of the club. *cough* The manager of club finance. You make sure that people pay and get paid while keeping track of those pesky numbers that appear on our bank statements. Business/Accounting students welcome.
Event Manager
A person who can plan, organise, and facilitate club events. You will need to be dedicated to making the most awesome events ever… since we are kinda sick of art days and karaoke (LIES!).
Screening Director
A person who actually watches anime and is not afraid to show it. You need to be able to schedule a backlog of anime from past and present to entertain the club. Taste(?) is vital.
A person who makes websites and stuff work good. You will be a master of all things regarding technology. Handle email accounts, manage the website, code. Seriously… not easy. I-is that a challenge? (Accept?)
Art Director
A person who is both creative and capable of making artwork. You will have to honour of producing artwork for the club that will get public recognition and design the merch that will make its way to our stall at conventions.
Club Liaison
A person who actually talks to others. You are the caretaker of the club, make sure people are having a good time and interact with others as much as possible. You will likely turn into the club pet.
A person who owns a camera and knows how to use it. You can take photos and somehow make them look good. Everywhere… at once, this person needs to capture the experience of being in the club in .jpeg and .mpeg… or something like that.
You are the next generation of [email protected] execs. Missed out on an exec position but still want to help? Sure! Put your hand up and see how you can make the club even better. May or may not involve heavy lifting.

If you want any more information, feel free to drop us a line on our Facebook Group or Facebook Page, OR (wow, so many options, eh?) our Twitter and we’ll be right back with you~