Music Monday – Testing out the wings

Princess and the Pilot

It’s not that often that a song is able to stop you in your tracks – well, at least, not for me. Songs grow on some after time, you can learn to listen to all the hidden nuances, if they exist. Yet, there are some that are gripping, that hook right into you the minute you hear it and don’t ever quite seem to let you go, nomatter how long it has been since you’ve last listened to it.

This was the song I always meant to write about because it’s such a song for me, so now that it has finally appeared on that video-sharing network we love so much, why not finally follow my heart’s desire and post about it?

Without further ado, partake of this song before you read on! We’re not ones to set expectations – yup.

Ah, piano. I guess now I should have carried it on when my quinessentially Asian parents pushed me to learn an instrument, am I right? The nature of the piano itself being used in this song seems like it gives the song more intimacy somehow since most bands out there these days prefer the mixture of guitar, drums plus whatever else, it is refreshing to hear a different mixture of instruments being introduced into this song, though similarly not that strange or special either.

Toki no Tsubasa‘ by Seiko Niizuma appeared in 2011 as the theme song to ‘To Aru Hikushi e no Tsuioku’, otherwise known as ‘The Princess and the Pilot’ which was a 99 minute Japanese film based on a light novel. As usual, the film is for you to see and understand, but why do I love this song? If you’ve read any of my last posts, you may be able to tell that I do love an ‘uplifting’ feeling in my music and I love the energy of the song and those that sing it, coupled with an unreasonable love of strings. I could probably say the same for this.

The song at once starts off and carries with it a note of sorrow that is bittersweet and nostalgic, yet as the song progresses, hope and light seem to enter. There is a brighter world out there. The future is something to look forward to and everything seems different – how this ends is not how it began. Something has changed, and it’s time to test out those wings and take flight… Cheesy, huh?

I love it when a song is able to summarise and evoke all of the emotions of a series or of a film so well that it owns it, which this song does. This theme song is a part of the film and the film is part of the song. Having seen the film makes this song that much more poignant in the emotions it evokes both through the vocal talents of Seiko Niizuma as well as through the soft instrumental mix of piano, strings and what seems to be an instrument like a lute.

The song is overall simple, but that is all it needs. It is pure, soft and evocative and ends on a high, gentle and hopeful note that resounds yet seems expectant of more to come.