Music Monday – Gatcha!

Gatchaman Crowds is, without a doubt, the surprising jewel in the current anime season. I wasn’t even going to give it ago until a friend compared it to Tiger & Bunny, and, well, with a great main character, some really nice and colourful animation and a great soundtrack to boot, I’m glad I gave it a go.

But that’s enough about the anime. Let’s talk music! In particular, the Opening theme, ‘Crowds’ by White Ash.

I just love that intro, a series of one beats played on the drums and guitars as it flows into the rest of the song’s melody. I also love how it’s used alongside quick shots of the main characters before revealing the title of the show. It’s a rather upbeat rock song, with an emphasis on the electric guitar to back up the vocals, which is high enough for some people to think it was a woman singing them (for the curious, it’s a guy).

Most surprising (and this is something I just found out while looking for a video link of the opening) is that the majority is in English! I guess it could be attributed to the singer’s accent, although I believe it could be due to the rhythm of the song — a rhythm I had trouble keeping track of at first, which doesn’t happen very often.

Overall, I find it both a great song and a great anime opening, and quite honestly my favourite of Summer season, even with Shingeki’s second opening around. I can’t help but drum to it whenever I hear it and even more unusual, it sort of makes me wanna dance. And as always, with any song that I love, I end up looking up cover versions of the song, with my favourites being a guitar and drum cover.

The band also released a ‘short music video’ version of the song, that can be seen below, which only helps in making more excited and less patient for a full version of the song, not to mention hoping for a ‘making of’ feature on their music video. Like, seriously, how are they getting those two guys to ‘fly’ above the sea?!