Don’t spill the paint!

Lots and Lots of Boxes!

If you’ll kindly step over those paint cans and sawdust… noooooo, don’t knock them over!!!!

Over the coming days, you’ll probably see some errors as we change the website over to the new system. After months of consulting with our members, we have a pretty good idea of the kinds of things you all want to see, as well as the information you’ve said was hard to find before. We hope all these things have been fixed, and made more awesome!

Markup has been repaired, databases backed up, fresh installs started, frankly all these paint fumes are making us dizzy. Yet excited. Dizzy and excited! At the same time, we’ve painstakingly preserved all the previous material (and even imported some older stuff!) so current and future generations of members can explore all that has made this club so unique and memorable for so many people over the years.

We have some exciting ideas in store for the site this year, which we’ll be gradually rolling out. In the meantime, stay tuned ^_^

~ Your humble webmaster, Ruby