Music Muda Muna-Wryyyyy

“Releasing subject #101, codename ‘Alice’, out of cold storage.”

“Temperature normalizing. Heartbeat regulating.”

“Welcome back, Mr. President~”
-Yawnnnnn- Oh geez, THIS is what you people wake me up for… Fine. If no one else can pull it off probably best for me to take charge. Welcome to another Music Monday, I hope you are prepared.

It appears that while I have been frozen there has been quite a lot happening in the world of anime… Ok, maybe not a lot, but there has been big news going around. I am of course referring to the Sailor Moon remake that was only recently announced, which many people are pretty ecstatic about (myself included ^^;). However, there was another piece of news that has been overlooked despite being just as big.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – a legendary series which means very little to many people. If I had to describe it for you to possibly understand think Hokuto no Ken crossed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a touch of Persona and the style… of Lady Gaga. A successful mixture? A heated debate! But as its title eludes, it is just so bizarre that it works.

Anyway what is important is that JJBA is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and is finally, FINALLY, receiving a proper television broadcast anime. Many have considered it baffling that such an epic (over a hundred volumes in eight parts) had not been made into an anime. While it did receive a few OVAs they only covered the 3rd (and most famous) part of the series – Stardust Crusaders and as such, left out a LOT of back-story.

On to the music side of things (it is kinda obligatory, nay, compulsory).

The MAD that you have (hopefully) just watched is something of a musical history of JJBA, showing snippets of key characters and scenes of various parts of the series through various artwork and manga panels. It was made by Roha (or so it says), set to the tune of ONE VOW by Diggy-MO, and suits it perfectly – both manly and flamboyant (I would not have it any other way) and for someone like me, it all makes sense, to others… well let’s just say it is a bit overwhelming at best. All in all it is very well put together, gains my big rubber stamp of approval, and recommendation to see them all.

In regard to actual music from the OVA series (or even the movie), I’m sad to say that there is very little, and what is there cannot compare to the action nor even support it. As such other forms of media have given the JJBA some music to be recognized, most notably the PlayStation and Dreamcast (yes THOSE old things) ports of the arcade game, simply titled JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. To give a little taste, here is the theme of Jotaro Kujo (probably the most official theme entire series):

The most associated song that JJBA is connected with would have to be Daikaiju Die! Unfortunately YouTube hates embedding this particular song. The unusual surfer metal is oddly appropriate for some of the action scenes found in the series, none more so than the battle between Jotaro and Dio (the arch enemy of the Joestar bloodline).

Hopefully with the release of the anime series we will hear a much greater range of music giving the series the atmosphere it lacking being silent all these years.

Oh and just for kicks – JJBA has produced a number of famous phrases that have characterized heroes and villains. The following has two of them try and guess what they are, enjoy~