Music Monday – Back to the roots

Ah, hello. Hello again, Music Monday has somehow stumbled into my care again and I can only try my best to entertain you for another week – whether I’m qualified for it or in the right mental frame of mind… well, don’t worry about that.

Speaking of entertainment though, we often focus on anime here when discussing music for our Music Mondays (well, we are Anime@UTS, I suppose), but given so many anime these days are developed from Visual Novels or JRPGs anyway, sometimes the original content is also worth looking at.

However, despite good intentions, neither blessed with Japanese ability nor money enough to purchase games (I have enough morals not to download them, right?), one often finds themselves trawling through such sites as Youtube (oh heaven forbid) and coming across random Otome Games and Eroges that I hadn’t come across before. But still, it’s not all bad.

Okay, it’s from an Otoge, but I liked the mix of the song and the action in the Bloody Call opening. The song is Bleed and you can hear a full version here, but the effect of the opening is different to that of an anime, in part because of the nature of VNs. The motions may be more stilted (or strangely too smooth), but the art is much more detailed than the regular cell shading. These openings are often also uploaded on the game’s website and serves as their promotional content, which is then what draws a player into purchasing it.

Well, since you have an Otome, let’s follow it up with an Eroge.

The song is Lunatic Tears and fits the OP rather well, thought sounds even better in long version. As a matter of interest, perhaps compare the opening above to the 11Eyes anime’s opening (yes, it’s flipped):